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Laval, Quebec, Canada (PRUnderground) September 24th, 2022

There is nothing more painful than neck pain. It could be persistent and affect us for a long time. It is the only way God knows how painful it can be. There are a variety of daily tasks that can trigger neck discomfort. If it’s stiff neck or neck muscle spasm that can disrupt our lives. So, how can we avoid neck discomfort?

We sought out the expertise that the Dr. Michele Bernatchez, a 2022 ThreeBestRated(r) award-winning Chiropractor located in Laval, Quebec, to discover some ways to prevent neck discomfort. This is what she said:

A couple of helpful tips to help prevent spinal neck discomfort:

  • Make sure you move! – Every day you spine requires care. The spine should maintain it’s range of motion that every segment has to move in a distinct way to ensure the proper functioning. Be aware that your nervous system runs through it and is vital to maintaining health.
  • Regular exercise – Exercising can help. Like brushing and flossing, it helps maintain dental health and, if that is not enough regularly, chiropractic adjustments can help with this which prevents damages such as arthroses disc degeneration, pain and so on.
  • Posture It’s a different key aspect in pain prevention. It assists in maintaining motion within the spine. Because we spend a significant amount of our time in bed and sleeping positions, it is essential to have a good sleep. The right pillow to choose is a service that we offer to allow for shoulder height as well as sleep positions. Stomach sleeping is not recommended at all cost and can trigger torticollis as well as headaches frequently. Imagine young children trying to focus on their studies. Therefore, it is vital to learn this information at an early age. Everyday, we see the negative effects of the anterior bearing of the head, inform patients, and provide lasting exercise routines that maintain the neck’s muscles are in good condition.
  • Decompression of the spine is a method we use in conjunction along with spinal therapy to give the most effective results for conditions like disc herniations, protrusions, and bulging. These conditions usually cause nerve irritation, which sends messages to the brain, which prompt it to respond with protection by increasing muscle stiffness to safeguard the vulnerable region. By reducing the compressive force on the affected segment functioning is restored and lasting pain relief results.
  • Prevention by maintaining care It’s always the best way to go. Keep in mind that anything maintained properly will give half the time and last longer! In general, living without pain is a more enjoyable way to live!

About Dr. Michele Bernatchez, Chiropraticienne, DC – Chiro Ste-Rose

With more than 30 years of expertise with more than 30 years of experience, Dr. Michele Bernatchez is a highly regarded chiropractor located in Laval, QC. She’s not the typical chiropractor you encounter in your daily life. The Dr. Michele is passionate about helping people achieve their goals in health. She is always seeking perfection when taking care of those who trust Dr. Michele with the most valuable resource: their health.

Dr. Michele Bernatchez is practicing at Chiro-Ste-Rose Clinic. She is very proud of the quality of care that patients receive in her clinic. She states “Collectively At Chiro-Ste-Rose we value the responsibility of providing customer service by ensuring that we offer the highest level of care through an extensive investigation of the initial examinations of new patients, to ensure that concrete and sustainable solutions for problems with health for patients are provided. When patients walk into our office we hope they smile because they can see and feel the improvement and want to share it with us. It brightens my day, makes me excited, and boosts my enthusiasm!”

Dr. Bernatchez values continuing education and ongoing training. The clinic is updated regularly using the most modern and high-quality equipment available including spinal decompression tables that provide the most effective treatment of disc herniation, digital x-ray equipment, and instrument adjustment methods. She believes that these techniques aid in improving the experience of patients.

Dr. Michele Bernatchez has numerous accomplishments to her credit. She has also been the seven-time winner of the famous ThreeBestRated(r) award for the top chiropractors located in Laval, QC. She was awarded the award for 2022 and is continuing her record in the area. “It is an honor for me to be recognized in ThreeBestRated(r) again,” said Dr. Bernatchez. She continues to provide top quality services to all of her patients.

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