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When vacationing is enjoyable after you get to the destination, the lengthy painful flights or rides to get there may turn out to be an inconvenience, especially when you aren’t able to fall asleep so that the time can pass.

A quality travel pillow could assist to reduce stress, and you can find an extremely popular one on Amazon at a bargain price of $11 — however, the offer is only valid up for 24 hours so you’ll need to take action fast.

The Trtl Neck Support Travel Pillow currently has more than 16,000 5-star reviews on Amazon from customers which claim in their the reviews it’s “honestly changing your life.” The ultra-soft neck pillow isn’t like the typical airline pillow. It’s made of a hypoallergenic fabric that conceals an inside neck support to keep your neck and head in the most comfortable posture for sleep.

The design of the pillow is patented and can be fitted to every neck type, shape shape, and shoulder too and when they are all of these elements result in a neck pillow which has been proven scientifically to offer greater support than the typical travel pillow, as per the company. Do you want to stop struggling to find the perfect sleeping position? Yes, please.

Buy It! TRL Neck Support Travel Pillow $20.39 (orig. $39.99);

The pillow’s lightweight weight is less than a pound. It is constructed of soft, fluffy fleece that wraps around your body. To put it in use, just place the cushion on either the left or right face of the jaw. Then, tie the scarf to your neck. Secure the scarf with the soft-touch fastener and you’re now ready for a peaceful sleep.

If you’re unable to imagine traveling without listening to music The Trtl pillow can be used with earphones and headphones. Put your headphones on first, and then place the pillow around your neck, which the company suggests. Additionally, the pillow is simple to clean and dispose of into the washer after you have removed the support.

Customers have praised the “very comfortable and supportive” travel pillow, allowing users to sleep well while traveling, even on long flights.

“This is the ideal one and the only pillow for travel that you will ever require! Ideal for trains, planes and yes, cars (bus and road trips),” one five-star reviewer wrote, noting that they had no neck aches after a 7-hour journey, “just well-rested travel.”

The pillow has been a huge help to numerous users have noticed a decrease in neck pain. This caused one person to consider the pillow “a dream that has come to life.” Then they added: “After using it again the night before, I am experiencing no pain or strain in my muscles today. I was asleep for the length of my trip.”

Now, you have until the end of the day to purchase this Trtl travel pillow for only $21 with the Amazon Deal of the Day. If your summer is jam-packed with trips, be sure to make this pillow your primary travel companion.

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