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Neck pain can result from long hours of sitting with your back sitting on your laptop. In simple terms, the discomfort is mostly caused by bad posture. But the real problem is not taking it seriously and waiting for it to get worse. The application of a spray may temporarily lessen the pain however, once the effects of the spray wear off and the pain returns, it’s likely to return. This is why applying a few suggestions and avoiding a sedentary lifestyle can assist you in removing neck pain for good and stop it from becoming an ongoing problem.

So, how do you relieve neck discomfort?

Health Shots reached out Dr. Deepak Kumar Mishra of the Asian Hospital, Faridabad, to learn how you can ease neck discomfort at your home.

Dr. Mishra states, “Neck pain is common and many sufferers may be affected by it on occasion. In the majority of cases it’s the result of poor posture, whether leaning on a computer to work for long hours , or sitting at a workstation, fatigue or sleeping in an uncomfortable posture. Sometime, neck discomfort may be the result of an injury or medical issue.”

The causes of neck pain

Before you can find solutions, let’s learn about typical factors that cause neck pain that comprise:

1. Incorrect posture: Muscle strains are often due to improper posture or inattention for example, like spending many hours sitting in a slouched position over a computer or mobile. Even the smallest activities like reading at night could cause strain, and can cause neck discomfort.

The long hours of work at home can cause physical pains. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Joints wear and tear The neck’s joints wear down as we age, just like other joints within the body. The wear and tear of aging causes bone spurs which may affect neck motion and lead to pain.

3. Injury: Whiplash injuries occur when the head abruptly moves in a direction that is forward and then backward which causes neck pain.

4. Bone spurs , or herniated discs in the neck may press on nerves that branch out of the spinal cord.

5. Neck pain may be caused by a myriad of diseases like meningitis, cancer, or rheumatoid arthritis.

9 tricks to get rid of neck pain

Most neck pains are caused by poor posture, along with wear and tear caused by age. To avoid neck pain, you must make easy changes to your routine, and be sure to keep your head aligned with your spine.

1. Make sure you are in a good posture.

Dr. Mishra states, “Ensure your shoulders are aligned directly over your hips , and that your ears are directly aligned over your shoulders whether you are standing or sitting.” In actual fact that even when using electronic devices, such as tablets, cell phones or any other screens, you should not tilt your neck to gaze at the screen instead, keep the device straight up by your head. Also, adjust your work desk or computer and chair to keep the screen at eye-level with the knees slightly lower than your hips. Use armrests on your chair.

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2. Make sure you take frequent breaks

If you travel long distances, or spend long hours in front of a screen, you should move around and stretch your shoulders and neck frequently.

The breaks you take could give you a opportunity to relax. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Do not carry a weight on your shoulders.

Avoid carrying heavy backpacks on your shoulders and even your hands. The weight could stress your shoulders and cause neck pain.

4. Sleep in a comfortable position

Your neck and head should be aligned with your body. You can support your neck by using pillows of a smaller size and consider sleeping on your back with your thighs elevated on pillows. This will help you flatten you spinal muscles.

5. Beware of using pillows

If neck pain doesn’t go out of your neck, attempt resting on an even surface , without pillows. When you remove your pillow it will keep your head in a straight position and it eases the pressure on your neck.

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6. Lifestyle shifts

Keep active. If you don’t frequently move about, raise your activity levels. Do not smoke as it could increase the likelihood of developing neck pain.

7. Stretch

Home-based work or sitting for all day on a laptop could result in neck discomfort. However, simple stretching exercises can help relieve neck stiffness. Do the shoulder roll side rotation dolphin posture, forward and backward tilts and so on.

There’s no more pain in the neck! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

8. Cold compress

To alleviate neck pain and decrease any inflammation or swelling, you can apply the heat and ice compress. It helps to ease muscle tension and eases stiffness. It is not recommended to use this technique for longer than 20 minutes.

9. Massage

Massage therapy for neck pain could assist in relaxing muscles and to reduce the severity of neck pain. It also increases blood flow and reduces anxiety and stress-related symptoms.


Neck pain generally isn’t a medical issue and is usually resolved within several days. It’s time to call your physician if the pain persists for a long period of time, becomes intense or is associated with other symptoms such as numbness, discomfort, or tingling or if it extends to the legs or arms.