Gwyneth Paltrow 50, Gwyneth Paltrow Shares her 'Go-To' product for
  • Gwyneth Paltrow has recently spoken of “tech neck” discomfort that results from sitting on devices like tablets, phones and laptops.
  • She revealed the details of her “go-to” product to treat neck discomfort It’s theCopperFit Fast Relief Neck Wrap that is which is available from Amazon.
  • Paltrow claims that the product is “perfectly made for shoulder and neck.”

Gwyneth Paltrow always keeps it real. Whether she’s dishing on her skincare routine or posing nude for her 50th birthday, she knows how to keep us on our feet. Recently, the star revealed that she, too, experiences neck pain like the rest of us. To combat the discomfort, Paltrow uses CopperFit’s Rapid Relief Neck & Shoulder Wrap.

Copper Fit Neck & Shoulder Wrap

Copper Fit Rapid Relief Neck & Shoulder Wrap

Credit: CopperFit

Iron Man Iron Man star spoke about her must-have item in an earlier Instagram post.”Tech necks are real and so it’s been nice to use the #CopperFit Quick Relief Neck and shoulder wrap (it’s been a complete game change to me),” Paltrow captioned the post. “Whether I’m wrapped in cold or hot therapy or a combination of both, I can wear it while in the car.”

The celeb, who is a CopperFit “brand champion,” went on to explain the tech neck phenomenon–something those of us who spend too much time hunched over screens know all too well. “We all work for long hours in front of our tablet, phone or laptop, and, after a while, we all experience the pressure of tech neck, that stiff, aching sensation due to sitting in the same posture for longer than necessary,” the Goop founder explained in the video. “My most used treatment can be CopperFit Rapid Relief.” Paltrow says that she loves the product due to the fact that it’s “perfectly created for shoulder and neck.”

The model also shared her most preferred method for using the wrap that is therapeutic: “I put it in the microwave, then heat it up and allow the clay to give me a hug while I’m doing the things I need to accomplish,” she said. “And the wrap is designed to be weighted, so it isn’t slipping off and is so comfortable. Rapid Relief lets you stay active as you recover. You’ll be awestruck by it.”

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Her fans are certainly looking for this pain relief product. ” I’m in need of this product,” one user wrote, and another added: “Ooh this looks heavenly!” Another chimed in: “I think my entire body would be awed by this …”

The neck and shoulder Wrap made by CopperFit is a specific pain relief treatment that uses cold or hot therapies to relieve pains and aches that are caused by neck technology, according to the company’s website. It aids in easing muscle tension through the use of “weighted organic clay beads” which “capture temperatures and offer the therapeutic relief of cold and hot acupressure,” according to the brand.

We’re equally enthralled with the latest product as the Paltrow fans are and we’re eager to test it. Do you want to know more from the actress? Take a look at her must-have beauty items below.

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