Justus v. Rosner timeline

June, 2000 Pamela Jane Hall Justus visits Dr. Michael J. Rosner Dr. Michael J. Rosner, a neurosurgeon, had performed surgeries in Park Ridge Hospital (now AdventHealth) since 1999. In a procedure promises to relieve her chronic pain Dr. Michael Rosner performs laminectomy surgery to relieve the spinal cord.

December, 2000 Following a visit to the doctor, Justus says to Rosner that she’s acting “horribly” and has intense neck discomfort.

Feb. 2001. Based on Rosner’s recommendation, Justus agrees to undergo an C1 surgery called a laminectomy, and a suboccipital joint crani.

21 March 2001 Justus is making her one last visit to the office of Rosner.

May 29th 2001 Justus contacts Rosner’s clinic to complain of neck pains that are severe and a difficulty holding her head straight. The assistant to Rosner’s doctor recommended she visit to have an MRI, Justus refused, telling her she’s “afraid” to go back into the hospital.

June 12 2003 A trial lawyer Wade Byrd of Fayetteville has filed a lawsuit against Rosner for Pam Justus and her husband, Billy Bruce Justus Jr.

Sept. 20th September 20, 2012: Pam Justus dies at the Elizabeth House at age 58.

July 28 to Sept. 25 2014. Byrd Former Governor. Michael Easley and other attorneys representing the Justuses fight medical malpractice defense attorney Scott Stevenson, of Charlotte and the attorneys for Park Ridge Hospital in a six-week trial. After one day of deliberation the jury decided that Rosner negligent and found no misconduct by Park Ridge. It awarded $512,162 for damages but reduced it to $1 since it determined Pam Justus Pam Justus “unreasonably failed to minimize her damage” due to her failure to obtain follow-up care from Rosner and also because she was a smoker.

March 15, 2015: After a hearing on the plaintiff’s motion reconsider the jury’s verdict for damages, Judge Guice reinstated the award to its total amount of $512,162. “Given the fact that there is no dispute in the case that shows Mrs. Justus promptly and persistently was diligent in obtaining treatments from other doctors following the time she broke off their relationship. Rosner,” Guice said, “no reasonable person could conclusively conclude that she did not use reasonable care to limit her losses.”

June 20th 2017, 2017: N.C. Court of Appeals decides that Judge Guice exceeded his authority by throwing the jury’s verdict of $1, and then restored the award to the amount that was originally awarded prior to the mitigation by the jury. The judge in the trial court had the power to strike the award out and request a fresh trial for damages only according to the court and that’s exactly what appellate judges order.

Dec. 21 2018, 2018 21st December 2018: The N.C. Supreme Court upholds the appeals court’s decision and orders a new trial to be based on damages only.

May 11 2022 The Henderson County Superior Court jury gives $2.5 million in the name of The Justus family on behalf of Adam Justus, the administrator of the estate following the passing of Billy Justus’s father. Billy Justus.

June 24 2022 The judge’s order to start the time for damages on the day Pam Justus originally filed the lawsuit. With 8 percent annual interest the amount of the award is at $5,047.452 and is growing to $438.36 every day.

27 June 2022 in an interview to the Lightning Former Governor. Easley affirms the fact that Stevenson’s defense helmed by Stevenson was willing to pay $5 million as the maximum amount covered by Rosner’s insurance. “They provided us with an invoice and the check went through,” Easley says.