Joint pain and back pain are such a common occurrence that medical reports indicate that four out of five people will experience it at some point in their lives. Brothers who doctors have established SpineZone medical clinics that take an holistic approach to relieve some of the discomfort.

Drs. Kamshad Raiszadeh, and Kian Raiszadeh are the directors of SpineZone which collaborates with patients via the internet and through clinical treatments to strengthen muscles and improve flexibility.

The brothers stated that they work to treat patients without the need for surgery or opioids.

There are ten SpineZone clinics, nine of them in San Diego and one in Orange County. The newer clinics have opened in Rancho Bernardo, which opened on March 1st. San Marcos, Sorrento Valley and Eastlake/Chula Vista have joined the existing centers within Del Mar, Encinitas, La Mesa, Mission Valley, Oceanside and Santa Ana.

Kamshad Raiszadeh with twenty years of experience in various spinal surgery, created SpineZone at the end of 2005. He was joined by his brother who been working for more than six years in sports medicine, joined the company in 2015.

Kamshad Raiszadeh Chief Medical Officer at SpineZone has completed his medical degree within UC San Francisco, orthopedic surgery residency at UC Davis and his fellowship at the Hospital for Joint Diseases/NYU in New York City. Raiszadeh stated that over time, the number of patients he saw increase dramatically of patients seeking surgery for neck and lower back discomfort. However, many of them were not getting the long-term benefits they wanted the doctor said.

“By treating the entire patient, and the many and complicated reasons for pain in the body, we could cut down on surgeries and improve patients’ overall quality of life,” he said.

Kian Raiszadeh is the CEO of SpineZone

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Kian Raiszadeh is the CEO of SpineZone was a graduate of UC Berkeley and completed medical school at UC San Diego, and currently works as a sports medicine doctor for Kaiser Permanente’s San Marcos Medical Center. He stated that across the entire sector, he felt that patients were being treated too much by treatment options likeurgery imaging, medication and surgery to treat back neck and back discomfort.

He created a software business which focuses on helping patients with chronic diseases however, he said that the partnership together with his twin brother is the most effective option. He sees patients a few days per month in Kaiser Permanente to keep his expertise sharp, he explained.

The SpineZone treatment starts with the first appointment.

“We offer a personal, hands-on, and personalized approach starting with an initial assessment which takes around 60 minutes,” Kian Raiszadeh said.

The examination includes everything from the patient’s strength and posture, to the diet and emotional state.

“Our clinics have medical-grade equipment that allows them to obtain extremely precise strength data like,” he added.

Following the examination Following the evaluation, a personalized, comprehensive treatment plan that is designed to offer pain relief is started that includes an individual health coach for the patients.

“Our medical team reviews the health of every patient every week and can intervene and provide any required procedures,” Raiszadeh said.

Medical supervision in the form of individualized care and one-on-one assistance to address issues related to sleep, diet, nutrition and use of opioids make up the SpineZone experience.

“Many instances, patients arrive to our clinics in desperate need of assistance, but aren’t getting the appropriate tools,” Raiszadeh stated.

Many factors have to be considered like strengthening the muscles in the core, body/mind connection, and nutrition, Kamshad Raiszadeh stated.

For many patients, anxiety or other triggers can lead to avoidance and eventually result in downward spirals the doctor said. The nutritional aspects, like controlling weight, building muscle and a anti-inflammatory diet must be taken into consideration for patients who want to experience pain relief.

Raiszadeh made a large portion of this information in the book “Take back control,” where he provides practical guidance and techniques for people suffering from chronic back neck and back discomfort. The book is sold on

“I offer most patients alternatives to surgical intervention,” he said. “We refer to this as slow treatment. Stay with us for six to ten weeks and you’ll notice an improvement. We’re all on the same team to help you manage your illness.”

SpineZone is in partnership with physicians from Sharp Health, Scripps Health and Providence The group’s online service has grown across the country. The brothers plan expansion of their practice across California and beyond.

SpineZone Del Mar can be located at 858-704-2713. The Del Mar clinic is located at 12865 Pointe Del Mar Way, Suite 190, Del Mar CA 92014. SpineZone Encinitas can be reached at 760-652-3362. The Encinitas Clinic is located at 285 N El Camino Real, Suite 105, Encinitas CA 92024. Patients can make appointments an appointment at any of the clinics by calling 844-316-7979. For more information, go to: or the Facebook page.

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