Houston woman tells story of 16 pound breast reduction

It’s now been a week since the life-changing surgery and Renee Lawrence says she feels “amazing”.

HOUSTON – Breast reduction surgery wasn’t cosmetic to Renee Lawrence. It was medically necessary.

The Houston mother’s natural cup size was 36O.

When KHOU 11 shared their story last week, hundreds of women with similar problems joined the conversation on social media and shared their stories of living with back and neck pain. Many cheered Lawrence on her way to feel more comfortable with her body.

It has been a week since the life-changing surgery. It went from an “O” to a “D” cup.

“If you’ve had the same symptoms as me, the same feelings as me. I’m telling you, you’ll have the same smile too, because I feel great, ”said Lawrence.

Lawrence said that 16 pounds of breast tissue was removed during her breast reduction surgery.

Your plastic surgeon, Dr. Franklin Rose said her case was removing more than ten times the standard amount of breast tissue.

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