How to avoid neck pain while at work - health news

If you sit on the computer or are performing physical tasks for your job Poor posture and repetitive movements could cause chronic neck discomfort.

“Pain on your neck may vary, depending on the source,” says Emily Haithcoat an acupuncturist working at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center in Chicago. “Sharp pain typically comes from joint pain. If you feel tight in your neck typically, it means the neck muscle is tight.”

Regardless, stretching through the day can be beneficial.

“Think of your ears and chin whenever your neck is aching,” says Haithcoat. “Put your chin down on your chest, then gradually lift your chin towards the ceiling. Then, you can touch your left shoulder to your left ear and then the left ear with your shoulder.”

It is recommended to repeat this exercise multiple times to ensure an easy move in addition to pain relief.

Simple modifications to your daily routine can reduce the risk of neck pain from the beginning. Three easy methods to alleviate achy neck when you sit at computers:

  1. Make sure you’re moving and getting up. Regular breaks are the best protection. Move from a sitting position, and walk or stand up at least every thirty minutes.
  2. Make sure you are in a posture that is ergonomic. Set your seat, keyboard , and mouse to make sure your elbows sit at 90 degrees while your gaze is aligned with the top or middle of the screen. The addition of a lumbar cushion to your chair could also improve your posture.
  3. Make adjustments to your monitor’s height. The ability to adjust the size of your screen or monitor to eye level will eliminate the requirement to look down. In addition, increasing dimensions of the document by 125% or more can help.

The weight of heavy objects or the grip of heavy materials during work can cause neck pain. To avoid neck pain during work, Haithcoat shares these three guidelines:

  1. Help is available for lifting more than 75 pounds. Utilize equipment such as hand carts, pallets, and trucks jacks , or have a team member assist you.
  2. Maintain your body’s alignment. When lifting and carrying heavy boxes or objects Keep them near your body, and stay clear of bent and twisting.
  3. Do not lift from the ground. Instead, keep lifts between shoulder and knee the height, if you can.

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