The act ofitting throughout the day long, performing chores, and taking on a new sport this spring can cause back pain and even agitate your neck. If your neck chronic pain persists and isn’t improving after several weeks of rest consulting a doctor should be the first step to be taken to make sure that you’re not experiencing something more serious. There are a few signs and causes to look for which could indicate that you require more evaluation and treatment that BEST can provide.

What is the cause of back or neck discomfort?

Each movement you make is linked to your spine. As you get older the movements we make take their toll on your body, and over time, repeated strains could cause stiffness, degeneration or nerve irritation. Habits that put a strain the back’s mechanics could increase the stress including poor posture, repetitive use of muscles, insufficient muscle conditioning and strength, poor lifting form, overweight, or a life of sedentary. Major incidents like trauma caused by a car crash or sports injury could exacerbate and directly trigger pain.

The symptoms of back and neck you should look up

The best general rule is to rest and then evaluate improvements after a few weeks. Neck and back soreness could be normal, however mild discomfort is not the same as discomfort that alters your physical and daily capabilities. Get medical attention when you experience any of these symptoms:

  • The back pain has lasted more than several days
  • back pain that is the result of an accident in the car, a falls, or sports-related injury
  • A backache that can cause you to walk
  • The pain in your back can disturb your sleeping
  • It is incapacity to maneuver the rear throughout its entire range of motion
  • Inability to walk on stairs or carry out daily tasks due to the pain
  • Take care of yourself If you notice bleeding, apparent deformity, swelling, discomfort, or a lack of ability to move or carry weight on your injured back.

Neck and back injuries that require BEST Treatment and Surgery can treat

Surgery isn’t always the right option because everyone’s anatomy and injury is unique. BEST customizes treatment options to each individual injury. From pain management via physical therapy to medication, BEST doesn’t have a single-size solution to treating. The conditions that BEST treats are:

  • The spine is a common site for arthritis.
  • Herniated discs that are bulging or herniated
  • Bone spurs
  • Foraminal and spinal Stenosis
  • Nerves pinched
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Annular tears
  • A failed back surgery syndrome
  • Adult scoliosis

Set up an appointment and get medical advice

Are any of the symptoms match with your own experience? Consult a doctor promptly. Specialist in neck and back pain Dr. Keith Girton is an orthopaedic doctor and medical director of BEST Surgery and Therapies and Dr. Girton can provide you with the most appropriate treatment solutions for your injury.

Get to know Dr. Keith Girton

Dr. Girton is an accomplished orthopaedic surgeon who is board-certified and a the best medical director, specializing in minimally invasive spinal surgery that has greater than thirty years expertise. This type of surgery is done by cutting an incision of less than an inch , resulting in shorter recovery times and less time in the operating room. Dr. Girton has completed thousands of these procedures. He received his medical degree at the Ohio State University College of Medicine and is a member of the North American Spine Society, Society of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery committee.

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