Incorrect sitting in WFH causes back problems for non-IT experts |  Nagpur News

Nagpur: Typically, back pain is more likely to occur in IT professionals who sit for hours in a seated position. Recently, orthopedic doctors in the city have seen an increase in back pain in those from various sectors who work from home after the lockdown.
Doctors said unusual ways of working and extended hours from home have led to an increase in people complaining of back and neck pain. Such cases never had a history, they said.
Dr. Mohammad Faisal, Professor, Department of Orthopedics at GMCH, said that many patients who had never had back problems before came to visit with complaints in the past year. “IT professionals are more prone to back problems. But working from home has increased the incidence of back pain not only in the previous group but also in people with no IT background who now work from home. The main reason is that employees do not have ergonomic seating arrangements. Because of the casual behavior, many sit on the bed. Since they don’t have to travel, their working hours have been increased to 10-hour shifts. I’ve seen an increase in back pain from working from home, ”he said.
Dr. Nikhil Malewar, spinal surgeon and director of Orthoavenue Hospital, said sedentary lifestyle and weight gain only made the problem worse. “Because gyms and training centers were also closed for several days, people couldn’t follow their routine fitness plan and had back and neck pain,” he said.
Dr. Malewar added that potholes are also likely to be blamed for people’s plight. “People who commute in their own vehicles are at the end of the bumpy journey. During this rainy season there is a significant increase in the number of patients complaining of back pain. Bumpy rides put pressure on the spinal discs, joints, and ligaments, causing early disc, joint, and bone degeneration. Older people traveling on a bad road can have a spine fracture as they often have osteoporosis, ”he said.
Dr. Tushar Bhure, consulting orthopedic surgeon at Kingsway Hospital, said the longer screen time had an impact on the younger population. “Watching TV or talking on the phone while lying down leads to problems in the upper back. Using more than one pillow in this position is also harmful, ”he said.
The information
Drive carefully, slowly on a road with potholes
Are you currently sitting while driving or working from home?
Do sports regularly
Keep your weight under control
Drink plenty of water
Avoid smoking, tobacco and alcohol consumption
Most back pain is temporary and is relieved with rest and anti-inflammatory medication for a few days. However, if the pain persists, medication does not relieve it, shooting pain in the legs, pain is associated with numbness in the foot, you should immediately consult a specialist.