LATVIA – 01.02.2022 – Fitminder, which helps users stay fit, healthy and productive while working at their computers, today announced that their Desktop Health Saver app is available to help improve workplace health. Developed after years of painstaking research, Fitminder reminds users how and when to move at work and offers curated mini-workout routines to perform in the workplace.

For most people, work means sitting at a desk for hours. In fact, according to the CDC, one in four adults sits for more than eight hours a day — the average is 11. Research has shown an undeniable association between those who sit for their jobs and both higher levels of stress and a propensity for illness. Lack of exercise leads to a build-up of the body’s stress hormones: cortisol and adrenaline in the brain. This constant stress can impact weight and focus, along with the risks of heart disease, diabetes, back pain, headaches and eyestrain.

Exercise throughout the day reduces these stress hormones. Although standing desks are believed to reduce these risks, they have not been shown to actually reduce the negative effects of sitting. Gentle exercises that challenge the body and metabolism, available through Fitminder, can help users remember to get out of their chair throughout the day and enjoy less stress and anxiety.

The app is easy to use and makes staying good at work possible and even enjoyable. Users simply set their workout interval (e.g. every 40 minutes), choose a workout from one or more workout groups (e.g. full body stretches or just hands), and select their virtual trainer. The workouts are shuffled each time to keep the routines fresh and engaging. In addition, all movements and stretches can be performed in business attire in the office.

“If you don’t get up from your chair enough, your brain can build up cortisol and adrenaline, activating your body’s ‘fight-or-flight’ response. Your heart rate increases, blood rushes away from your internal organs, but if you don’t bump into an opponent and stay seated, your nervous system becomes overstimulated and you get stuck in this particular state,” said Janis Drobisevskis, CEO of Fitminder. “Fortunately, there are ways to fix the problem. By getting up and out of your chair regularly throughout the day, you can reduce your stress. However, it’s hard to remember to exercise, so this program could mean the difference between a serious health issue and your best health on the job.”

Drobisevskis and her team are experts in the field of physiotherapy and IT specialists. Fitminder exercises have been developed in collaboration with a team of physiotherapists specifically for use in modern office environments. Designed to physically stimulate muscles while getting the heart pumping, the exercises are based on innovative biomechanical insights. Using Fitminder has been proven to help optimize productivity at work while helping to prevent illness and chronic pain. Users can even find out how much they sit with the built-in Fitminder analysis.

“In our survey, 79% of people reported sitting less than they actually did, averaging 2.5 hours a day. Prolonged sitting can lead to obesity, elevated blood pressure, high blood sugar and abnormal cholesterol levels – all the conditions that make up metabolic syndrome. The fear and psychological stress alone are cause for concern,” adds Drobisevskis. “Our simple exercises stimulate the body’s natural mood enhancers: endorphins. Users will think more clearly and focused, avoid back or neck pain at the end of the day, and build a healthier future.”

Fitminder also works for screen-loving kids. The “Fluffy” fitminder trainer was specially developed for children. The fun, committed and playful nature of the trainer, combined with child-friendly exercises, keeps children active, fit and healthy.

The application is free and there is no obligation to participate in a program. Users can download the program from the website for Macbook or PC.

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Fitminder is a desktop health saver for those who sit too much. Stay fit, healthy and productive at work or at home.

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