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A thirty minute brisk walk is sometimes all it takes. (Photo source: PTI)

From Shweta Mahadik

International Youth Day: How often do you watch your favorite show on Netflix until 3 or 4 a.m.? Do you skip meals, especially breakfast, because you’re too busy with work or late for online classes?

When we are young we think that our body is invincible. As a result, we abuse our health without realizing the consequences that lie ahead. Studies have shown that health deteriorates from the age of 27. Some of the most common unhealthy habits among teenagers and young adults these days are:

Skipping meals – 1 in 5 young adults and even teenagers skip a meal during the day. This lowers the body’s metabolic rate and blood sugar. In the long run, you can even develop multiple stomach problems, stomach ulcers, etc.

Caffeine addiction – Excessive intake of caffeine is harmful to health; it dehydrates the body and even worsens an anxiety. It is definitely not recommended for young minds hanging out in coffee shops.

Lose sleep – Insufficient sleep is one of the factors that contribute to mental disorders. Our bodies are not designed to function 24 hours a day. A lack of adequate sleep makes it difficult for a person to focus and increases irritation and impulsiveness. Without sleep, our brains are unable to produce more brain tissue, which hinders our growth and general development.

No exercise – With the pandemic, a lot of young adults are hanging out at the screens. Spending long hours with little or no exercise, which eventually leads to fatty liver disease, indigestion, type 2 diabetes, heart problems, obesity, back and neck pain, etc.

International Youth Day: How to keep diseases of civilization at bay

Eat regularly & healthy: Our body needs to receive all of the essential macro and micronutrients in order to develop. However, you should eat frequently in smaller quantities. Avoid junk food and regular alcohol consumption. These make your liver prone to irreversible conditions like cirrhosis. Ideally, your diet should include leafy greens, protein, low-fat dairy products, whole grains, fruits, etc.

Exercise: A thirty minute brisk walk is sometimes all it takes. Even if you are overwhelmed with work and schoolwork, set aside half an hour for daily physical activities.

Sufficient sleep: A teenager needs 10 hours of sleep for good development and at least 8 hours a day for young adults. An adequate sleep cycle helps us think, think, and work better.

Take care of your mental and physical health: Several studies have suggested that Millennials and Generation Z are more fearful than other generations. A Harvard study showed that millennials are more likely to quit their jobs due to mental health problems. The increasing need in the world, ecological and social pressures have created a feeling of helplessness in many Gen Z as well. No restrictions on working hours, endless tasks, no social life during the pandemic have made many young people restless and tired. It is therefore important that we take the time to do something that we enjoy and that helps us relax.

One way to deal with pandemic stress is to invest time in staying healthy. Many have quit smoking and resorted to yoga to strengthen their immune systems. We have to take care of our bodies from the early teens. This period determines how our health will develop in the later years. The pandemic also demonstrated the importance of staying informed about health and health needs. So start living a healthy life at a young age.

(The columnist is a Clinical Nutritionist, Fortis Hospital Kalyan. Views expressed are proprietary and do not reflect the official position or policies of Financial Express Online.)

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