Kirsten Storm's life after General Hospital, including emergency brain surgery

It seems that Kirsten Storms took on a new hobby for medical reasons after leaving the long-running show “General Hospital”.

Knitting is the new hobby of actress Kirsten Storms, who recently went under the knife to fix a potentially life-threatening condition.

The 37-year-old used social media to undergo brain surgery to remove a fluid-filled cyst attached to the lower part of her brain.

Kirsten Storms will take part in the TV Critics Association 2014 Summer Press Tour of the Disney | ABC Television Group | on July 15, 2014 Photo: Getty Images

To facilitate her smooth recovery, Storms announced that she is retiring from her role as Maxie Jones in the daytime drama General Hospital. The news has panicked fans, even as it encourages them to focus on their health and relax seamlessly.


Storms spoke openly about her health complications in June, revealing that she had overlooked health issues over the years. Unfortunately, in the past few months, these seemingly random health problems have turned into more serious symptoms like neck pain and migraines, which forced them to have an MRI scan.

The test results showed the cyst that finally provided all the answers to Storms’ ongoing medical problems. Fortunately for her, the condition was recoverable as it was supposed to lead to serious complications.

Although the actress was admittedly nervous before the operation, she underwent the procedure two months after the discovery and successfully dated.


Kirsten Storms also thought about finding solace in family, friends and colleagues who supported her in the months leading up to her surgery.

The icon paid tribute to her working family, who offered comfort in their emotional moments. She said how excited she was to be returning to the General Hospital set shortly after her recovery.


Although the whole ordeal was a frightening experience, it led to some major changes in Storm’s life. She talked about some of these changes on her social media post.

The “Zenon” star prepared fans for a possible new look, admitting that part of her hair was shaved during her surgical procedure. She assured fans that the hairstyle was only temporary.

In addition to learning to appreciate her support system, the star had learned some new skills, with knitting high on the list. Referring to the picture she shared in the post, which showed several spools of thread and an incompletely knitted green sweater, she wrote:

“These are two projects that I started a few weeks ago and I look forward to finishing them before I get back to work.”

Storms ended the long post with a declaration of love to all of her fans and well-wishers. Many returned the pouring of love and flooded the comment area with heartfelt messages of speedy recovery.


Despite all the love from fans, the mother of the romantic life is not so rosy. After separating from ex-husband Brandon Barash in 2016 after three years and a son, Storms teamed up with John Farrow.

Their relationship went down when the star landed in a $ 30,000 lawsuit after Farrow skipped bail. The actress reportedly represented Barash after his arrest on drug charges in 2017.

American Contractors’ Indemnity claimed they didn’t post Farrow’s bail until after Storms agreed to hook himself up. Unfortunately, the star automatically inherited the debt after her then-boyfriend got bail off a month later and was MIA for a trial.

Previously, Storms was romantically linked to Josh Handerson, Ben Hogestyn, and Erik-Michael Estrada. According to news agencies, the talented actress is currently in a relationship with musician Elias Reidy, with whom she has been dating again and again since 2006.


Before she had her brain surgery, Storms had taken a few breaks over the past decade due to health problems. In 2012, she took time off from the show because of endometriosis.

The icon took another hiatus in 2016 to recover from issues related to stress and a skin condition. Barely a year later, the “Days Of Our Lives” star spoke openly about her battle with depression after fans became insensitive to her frequent breaks.

Fortunately, Maxie Jones’ role-player has overcome those dark moments and kept her sanity in check. She couldn’t be more grateful to have finally identified the cause of her years of health problems and finally fixed them.