Are you working too much at your computer or watching television? Do you feel your neck is suffering from discomfort and stiffness? Try this self-care routine using acupressure to relax the neck muscles and help bring relief. In only 10 minutes, you will reap the benefits of the acupressure method. Follow closely Laurieanne Nabinger, registered nurse in this acupressure self-care for neck discomfort video.

All you require is your hands

Acupressure is a practice that dates back thousands of years and is still employed to help ease muscles and joints that are painful. All you require is the hands (or somebody else’s) to apply pressure to the areas shown in this video, a few times throughout the day.

The video will lead you through Acupressure points that are located on the upper and neck and also on the ankles and hands. If any of the points are difficult for you to reach, ask whether someone near you could help you reach them for you. It is also possible to bypass the difficult-to-reach areas and make use of the remaining points. Acupressure can be adapted to your needs!

After you have mastered the sequence and know how to identify the locations of the points and the point locations, you can refer to this info sheet. Make sure you have it handy by placing it on a bulletinboard or put it on your table. Acupressure is portable and you’ll be able to practice it anyplace once you master the technique.

Do you need more?

Although acupuncture is a great means of self-care, you might be suffering from chronic pain or another issue which acupuncture may assist with. Read this story of a Veteran regarding how receiving an acupuncture treatment from VA has changed his life. Acupuncture can be found at any VA or through community-based care for all Veterans when it is clinically recommended. Consult your VA healthcare provider if it’s suitable for you. To learn more about how self-care can enhance your overall health and well-being go through these self-care tools.