Live Whole Health # 82: Treat Neck Pain With Acupressure

Neck pain can affect many aspects of your daily life and disrupt activities that you enjoy. In our daily computer and cell phone use, poor posture and biomechanics often contribute to neck pain. Looking up or down for long periods of time will strain your neck. Therefore, it is good for the body to move and change positions frequently.

Acupressure has been used successfully for thousands of years and is safe to use with other pain treatments. This simple acupressure routine can provide enough relief to relieve pain and improve neck mobility. The points in this routine are easy to learn and can be used by you or a caregiver with minimal effort. With practice, you will gain confidence in the acupressure routine. You may find that using this routine regularly will maintain your neck flexibility and prevent the pain from getting worse.

Try this 11 minute acupressure routine with Laurieanne Nabinger, RN, Seattle VA Medical Center to treat neck stiffness and pain.

Movement of the body is important for maintaining good health and wellbeing and can sometimes also help with pain management. There are many ways to get exercise without giving up too much of your free time. Here are a few ideas:

  • If possible, avoid the elevator and take the stairs.
  • If you are unable to walk, try gentle stretches and movements from your chair throughout the day. Choose hobbies that allow you to be active without realizing that you are doing sports.

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