Former Saturday Night Live star Chris Kattan is said to have been ordered to get off the plane after refusing to properly wear a mask this week while showing signs of illness.

But his lawyer put it differently, saying the actor had an allergic reaction and is not fighting Maskman Date.

According to TMZ, the comedian “stumbled” and other passengers believed he was sick because mucus hung from his nose as he leaned against him. Because of his appearance, he “scared other passengers” in the first-class cabin he was sitting in, says Webroid.

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Chris had not yet worn a mask as required by the federal government for air travel. The flight attendants apparently had the actor’s “Roxbury Night” paper towel brought to his nose and put on a mask. However, Chris only wore a mask to cover his mouth, not his nose, which surprised passengers and flight crew.

As the crew grew annoyed, Chris “pleaded” with the flight attendants not to take him off a flight from Dallas to Los Angeles, pulled out the “Do You Know Who I Am” card, and they asked if he had seen it . He at “SNL”.

As this was happening, the flight attendants kept telling Chris to pull up his mask and put it on properly, which he didn’t. Chris got up and left when the aircraft crew warned that he would call the police.

According to the June 30 report, Chris’ attorney Samuel Joshua Smith claimed the star was wearing a mask.

“We resolutely deny Mr. Catan’s refusal to wear masks. Mr. Catan is fully vaccinated and clearly supports CDC guidelines, ”the attorney said in a statement to TMZ. Specified. “Last Monday, Mr. Catan returned to Los Angeles after a successful comedy tour. Unfortunately, Mr Catan said he was taking a dietary supplement at SNL to treat persistent neck pain from an injury. He had a severe allergic reaction. This reaction was struck. His equilibrium and his mental state. The effect made it difficult for him to breathe. Mr. Catan suffered back and neck injuries. Warning fans of … Apparently, not all supplements are created equal! “

According to lawyers, Chris could safely board the next plane to Los Angeles.

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