Max Verstappen Isn't Interested in Treating Neck Pain because His Father says it's for

The driver of F1 is more in form than Max Verstappen right now. The Dutchman took home the world championship after a massive title battle alongside Lewis Hamilton and followed it up with an impressive title win in 2022.

His climb up the ranks of F1 at an extremely old age is a meteoric rise and his sagacity behind the wheel has earned him praises from the beginning of his time in F1. He set records in several races before winning his world championships which included becoming the youngest driver to win a race in F1.

Verstappen’s dazzling start in F1 was followed by a dominating junior career. Verstappen was an force to be reckoned with in the karting arena and virtually every event that he participated in ended up being a one horse race that was to his advantage. But the credit for Verstappen getting so much success is often attributed to his father, Jos Verstappen.

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Jos Verstappen was a bit difficult on his son Max Max

Jos Verstappen is an ex- F1 driver although he experienced very little success in F1 racing He made it his goal to ensure that his son was successful. He often referred to Max as his “life’s goal and spent most of their time traveling together across the globe, and winning races throughout the latter’s youth.

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Their relationship has been scrutinized for the it was Verstappen Senior. was with his son. Examples such as Jos leaving Max to fend for himself in the deserted station in which the race he won has enraged many in the F1 community who reminisce about how hard their childhoods were.

Another incident was reported through journalist Alanis King. King spoke about the reason Verstappen did not want to treat neck pain he was suffering from.

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Why is it that Verstappen doesn’t want to take care of his neck pain after races?

Due to the force of gravity, F1 drivers often suffer suffering from neck pain that is severe after the race. This is despite being in the best physical shape and demonstrates how difficult the sport can be. Drivers can recover from this pain through massages or applying pressure to their necks after the race for a moment of relief.

Verstappen however believes that this is only for crying babies. King in a podcast hosted by Donut Racing Show, talks about how the 25-year-old insists that neck pains in his role as an F1 driver is normal. “You’re simply supposed to have back pain” according to Verstappen. told King.

Verstappen is believed to be thinking that way because of the things his father made him believe as an infant. Former Benetton driver’s methods for raising Max Verstappen are criticised by all however he has always stood by his father and cited his father as the main reason he’s a two-time world champion.