Away from neck pain is great for our health

For a long period, the aim was to look nice! Nowadays, we are aware that sports can be a great prevention measure and contributes to a healthy lifestyle. Neck pain can be uncomfortable and it can also impact the mood. Sports can prevent and helps maintain your mood in a healthy way.

Gymnastic exercises to relieve neck pain

Anyone suffering from neck tension or pain and neck pain – and in Germany this is a lot of millions of people, at a minimum temporarily – naturally tends to avoid any movements that are painful due to the tension. Although this may be understandable however, it’s not a good idea. While it alleviates symptoms, it can also increase the pain in the neck.

The most convenient and less painful method to treat neck pain is to treat it with prophylaxis. Simple gymnastic exercises can guarantee the best results when performed often, and you break the rigid position at work or in the car.

Set your fingers on the back of your head , with your fingers interlaced , and then push your head toward your chest. This causes a mild pulling pain that is felt throughout your neck and below the shoulder blades. Maintain this posture for a few minutes before slowly raising your head again. Repeat five to eight times for the workout.

Jogging against neck pain

“Soft” or “soft” sports such as endurance running, permit the muscles of the neck and back region to relax and relax. In the same way the muscles are filled with blood and heated up, which helps relieve tension.

Running music can aid in reducing internal stress and, consequently, reduce tension and the possibility of neck pain.

Your run must be comfortable with no effort, and with the “clear mind”. If you experience headaches during the run, it should stop and have a medical professional or fitness trainer consulted. If you are overweight, be aware of how heavy the burden is prior to beginning running regularly.

Swimming to ease neck pain

Aquatic sports activities offer many benefits, not just in the case of neck pain prevention. Due to the increased intensity (compared against air) our muscles are in a sense more strained however at the same time, they are protected. The reason for this is the automatic damping of movements, as fast actions are not possible in water. Furthermore, buoyancy forces ease the joints.

Particularly with the most popular form of swimming the breaststroke, care must be taken to not overextend the cervical vertebrae. This can be achieved by submerging the head in a small amount in the swim. The head is tilted towards the side. People who are able and enjoy crawling or backstroke must be able to prioritize these styles.

Canoeing against neck pain

Canoeing is the ideal sport to use as a balance sport to working at the PC The rigid chair posture can become one of the causes for neck pain even though you’re in this position.

However, the constant strong, steady movement of the paddle results in muscles of the upper region that include the shoulders, arms back, chest and shoulders and back – being activated equally. While at the same time the calm ride across the water can have a tranquil and soothing result. To improve endurance and fitness it is an absolute godsend.

Dancing to ease neck pain

There aren’t many sports where posture is as vital as it is in dancing. Your body will be stretched, and continuously is held tight.

“You look at your partner while holding your head up high. Carelessness should not be accepted. This kind of body tension is needed, for instance during many strength training exercises or when riding horses, however dancing alone guarantees that you follow the rules.

Also, the neck-friendly strengthening of back and chest muscles is supported by the psychological impact that dancing is enjoyable. To counter this neck pain, it doesn’t stand any chance.


Regular exercise and sports can help in the fight against neck discomfort. Prevention is the most important factor. Being active is generally beneficial however you will only see a change in your lifestyle by being active frequently. This will help eliminate issues that result from neck pain, and help keep you active all over.


We address frequently asked questions regarding neck discomfort below.

Which is the best sport to treat neck discomfort?

Gymnastics, strength training and canoeing are some of the best methods to aid you. Dancing and jogging can help to ease neck pain.

The neck is stiff – what can be done immediately to help?

Avoid drafts and get warm to the area affected. The following stretching exercise can aid in reducing pain: stretch your right arm and lower your head down to your left for 10 seconds. Then do the same exercise with your left arm, and lower your head towards on the left side.

Can I build those neck muscles?

Regularly strengthening your muscles is the most effective way to aid you. Include a neck workout in your back workout to help you keep your back from pain and strengthen your muscles.