Neck Pain from Long Screen Time? 5 Powerful Yoga Asanas To Reduce Neck Ache -

Have you ever heard that neck pain from text is a real issue? We all are guilty of spending a lot of time in front of screens, which is way more than what we ought to be and, yes, we all experience pain and tightness in our necks.

It’s a bit ironic to read the report on using devices and neck positions that are harmful on devices! But, it’s an issue and we exist in a world filled with contradictions. Text neck is believed to be a real phenomenon. In the age of technology in a room full of people, the majority of heads will will be looking at screens, and thumbs moving with speed along the tips. This trend started at people who used mobile phones for communicating, now it has been a way for a means. It is commonplace for people to stare at their screens and work for up to 10 hours and more. The posture of the neck that makes it bent forward and down with shoulders round and back to a slouche can be detrimental. This type of work environment can cause extreme neck pain, which could lead to chronic back discomforts.

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Spending time away from screens is essential, it isn’t the only thing that can heal the neck pain caused by text messages. It is also necessary to practice specific yoga exercises or yoga postures.

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Chakravakasana also known as Cat-Cow Pose

This gentleand accessible backbend stretch and stretches the spine. When you practice this posture, it also helps stretch your shoulders, torso and neck. In order to do this, sit on their feet and put their wrists under your shoulders, and knees under your hips. Inhale while looking up , and allow your stomach to sink towards the mat. Inhale while you pull your chin in your chest, pull your navel towards your spine and then bend your spine towards the ceiling.

Adho Mukha Asana or Downward Facing Dog

The traditional forward bend can be relaxing and revitalizing. The practice of this pose can help alleviate back discomfort and sciatica. It assists in removing imbalances within the body and enhances the strength.


Also known as cobra pose. Bhujangasana is primarily targeted at the abdomen region. It aids in blood circulation, strengthens back and helps improve the health of your heart. It is necessary to lie on their stomachs, stretch their legs, and then lift their chests up by placing both hands resting on their sides.

Child poses

It might appear as if you’re lying down in Child’s Pose, but it’s an energetic stretch which can help to lengthen the back. It’s also a great way to relax before you go to bed at night at the end of an tiring day. Begin on all fours, with your arms stretched straight ahead of you. After that, you’ll need to relax and then sit back to let that your glutes (butt muscles) are just above, but not touching your heels.


This posture helps to stretch your neck and the hamstrings. This is a great yoga posture to try because it affects the neck as well as the hips after sitting for long periods of time. Keep your feet in a apart. Lean forward and allow your arms to touch the floor. Make sure to keep your head close to your knees.

It is vital to do yoga for at least 10 minutes each day after sitting for prolonged periods of time.

Published Date: 10 March 2023, 2023 7:48 PM ISL