Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg were close friends at one point in an era, but it’s difficult to find love between them now. The two became adversaries following their joining Mercedes and participating on the World Championships, and the rivalry between them only grew.

Hamilton outperformed Rosberg throughout their time as team members at Mercedes. Rosberg was able to beat his rival in 2016 when Hamilton kept Hamilton off in winning Hamilton’s first-ever World Title. Following his win in 2016 the German declared his decision to retire from the sport because he couldn’t take on the stress any longer.

Even after Rosberg left the stage, his relationship with Hamilton, his best friend from the past, did not get better. Rosberg said it was his intention to renew their relationship, but Hamilton did not seem to be interested in any way. Rosberg making a few jokes about Hamilton, the seven-time world Champion did not help, and Hamilton often reacted with fury to these comments.

In a YouTube video made for BBC Newsbeat, the Stevenage-born driver confessed that he would rather suffer neck pain rather than Rosberg back with him.

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Nico Rosberg is a lot as neck pain, according to Lewis Hamilton

Hamilton was making a decision between two alternatives presented to Hamilton in the video of Newsbeat’s host. When it was time for him to pick among Rosberg and neck discomfort Hamilton immediately said he’d choose the latter.

Of course , he followed it with a comment that he suffers from neck pain, but then he savagely said that it was similar to Rosberg. On the program, host then asked whether they behaved differently off camera, given that on the show, the anger between them is typically quite high.

Hamilton responded by saying that when they have finished races after a race, they shake hands and show respect to each other. Hamilton believes it’s the best thing to do for the benefit of the team.

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Rosberg isn’t Hamilton’s most favored competitor to race against.

Hamilton has a variety of competitors in F1 including Fernando Alonso to Max Verstappen. However, he doesn’t consider any of them to be his top opponent to race against. For those who love the rivalry between Hamilton and Rosberg it’s disappointing that even his rivalry with Mercedes isn’t one that he rates as top of the line.

The 37-year old chose Sebastian Vettel as his favorite competitor. The battles among Hamilton with Vettel were regular events in the years between 2016 and 2019, as Vettel, a Four-time World Champion was with Ferrari.

Unfortunately for the fans of both teams they will not be disputes between them any more after Vettel declared his resignation from football at the the 2022 season.