NYPD police officer made a formal complaint that alleged the sergeant tugged on her ponytail to show the point, causing'substantial neck pain' - Yahoo News

Christine Meisner (pictured), 29 she has filed a complaint with Sgt. Nakia Middleton-House, 44, for pulling her ponytail about two months after the incident occurred, source says.NYPD109Pct/Twitter

  • The officer Christine Meisner filed an official complaint against Sergeant. Nakia Middleton-House in January. NY Post reports.

  • “You place your hair into a ponytail, or perps could be doing this,” Middleton-House said before the hair pulling incident as reported by the media.

  • SBA President says that MiddletonHouse is “doing her job” as per NY Post.

A NYPD police officer has accused the sergeant of pulling her ponytail from the Queens station, according to a complaint states.

Police Officer Christine Meisner, 29, told Sgt. 44, who is 44 years old. Nakia Middleton-House pulled her ponytail which caused “substantial” discomfort on her neck as per an account obtained from The New York Post.

“You place your hair into a ponytail, or perps might be doing that,” Middleton-House said to Meisner according to the complaint after pulling her hair in a bun, the Post stated. The complaint states that Meisner was unable to walk back.

The complaint filed by Meisner states that the Middleton-House police officer, an experienced veteran of 17 years in the force, knew when she pulled her ponytail, Meisner suffered from an existing neck injury, as per the report by NY Post. There was no charge in the incident.

Vincent Vallelong, the president of the city’s Sergeants Benevolent Association, said the incident allegedly occurred in November, but it wasn’t announced until January.

Vallelong said to that the NY Post that the “false report” was filed following Meisner was disqualified for not properly seeking time off. Middleton-House was disciplined in the year 2018 for making use of a department database to search for non-work related information.

Vallelong stated that in a clip of the incident “the officer was not stumbling and the sergeant did pull back back,” he told NY Post.

“If we want to convey a message that is not correct and the sergeant be disciplined for performing her duties, please tell me what message should relay to all my employees across within the division!”

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