Over 33,000 Amazon customers swear by this neck pillow for pain relief -- and it's 50% off for a limited time only. Yahoo Life

Neck pain is often the unfortunate result of working the entire day in front of your computer. If you’re part of the 80percent of people suffering from neck pain at one point or another it’s natural to get a solution as soon as possible. The restcloud shoulder and neck relaxer. This popular neck pillow will aid in relaxing your neck muscles and help restore your proper alignment to ease the pain you feel in a matter of minutes. For today only, you can enjoy amazing 52% off on Amazon.

The Restcloud is a straightforward solution for neck pain and anyone can utilize it. Place it onto a smooth area and lie down on your back while gently resting your head on it while keeping your knees bent slightly. It uses foam to provide you a gentle and supportive support that can aid in readjusting your cervical spine to assist in decreasing neck discomfort.

The Restcloud isn’t your typical pillow, which means that you won’t be sleeping on it for the duration of the night. Instead, you lay down for 10 minutes before moving on with your day. Select from a selection of colors available for sale that include pink, blue black, purple and black.

This pillow can help to bring the spine back in its proper alignment. (Photo: Amazon)

There are more than 33,000 Amazon customers say that the Restcloud has eased their neck discomfort. One person suffering from chronic neck pain describes the pillow as “life-changing.” They said, “I’m in shock at how much better I feel. My chiropractor has asked me why I haven’t been to see him in the past two months. This aligner is amazing.”

A fan of mine said they ought to have bought this pillow earlier. “I’ve been suffering from shoulder and neck discomfort for a long time most of it because of a car crash 15 years ago. However, recently it was becoming more severe,” they said. “One morning, I looked for inversion tables on Amazon and the search resulted in another, and this neck pillow appeared. When I got it, I laid down on it for about 10 minutes, and was able to notice the difference immediately! When I stood up I noticed my head was becoming lighter and my neck was breaking like a whip. As I turned to the left my neck did not hurt so significantly. Also, my husband tried the foam, and his neck was cracked, but he also felt better. This is my second day using the neck foam and I’m feeling fantastic.”

If you’re an Amazon Prime member Amazon Prime, you’ll get free shipping, obviously. Are you not yet a member? It’s not a problem. You can sign-up for your free trial of 30 days here. (And by the way, customers who do not have Prime can still enjoy free shipping when they purchase 25 or greater.)

This sale is only available today. If you’re suffering from neck discomfort, do not pass up your chance to save huge on this pillow that eases pain!

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