Potholes: Increase in cases of neck pain and backache in Mumbaikars -- Free Press Journal

Mumbaikars have to face a range of issues while traveling via the road within the city, due to the potholes that appear during the monsoon. A few of these problems are more than just the commute there is a rise in the incidence of neck and back discomfort, particularly in people between the ages of 25 and 40 years old. age.

The doctors in this city claim they see at least 20 patients a day complaining of various issues with the musculoskeletal system including extreme back and neck discomfort.

Most cases involve motorcyclists that face danger not only to their vehicle, but also to their lives as well from potholes.

In the last month, there were numerous accidents on bikes due to potholes that are flooded. A Thane man was killed after falling off a cliff, while two others died along the Western Express Highway in Mumbai.

If you’re suffering from pains and aches physicians are prescribing non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines (NSAIDs) and instructing for a consistent workout routine.

According to information from the BMC According to data from the BMC, 16,000 potholes had been recorded from July 21 through July 21. Of these, 8,000 recorded in only 18 days. The highest number of complaints came in Malad, Jogeshwari and Andheri. However, 15,000 holes have been filled up in the last month, as per officials.

Dr. Om Patil, consultant orthopaedic and spine surgeon at the Apollo Spectra Hospitals, Mumbai, told me that neck pain is encountered at 3 times or more for motorcyclists. “I have seen 25 patients suffering from neck and spinal discomfort every day and of which 10 or 12 suffer from severe pain due to an increase in the number of degenerative cells, which typically occur when a person is over 40 years old,” he said.

An experienced expert spine surgery specialist from a public hospital told the Observer that neck and back discomforts are often caused by vehicles that have to go through potholes, these incidents could cause more serious injuries.

“Sudden stoppage of vehicles because of potholes could result in a whiplash-related injury that affects your spine,” the surgeon who was not willing not to reveal his identity, said. “And when a passenger has spinal stenosis, which is pressure upon nerves and the spinal neural cord as well as nerves], the injury could result in paraplegia – loss of feeling in the hands and lower limbs. The injuries might require surgery, and the patient might not fully recover.”

Disrupted discs can be found among people between 20 and 40 who have to spend long hours commuting. The surgeon from the city hospital said that certain patients could be afflicted with spinal fractures, particularly when they have osteoporosis (weak and bone fragments).

Doctor Onkar Sadigale, orthopaedic doctor, SRV Hospital, Chembur said that driving on such roads could cause micro and macro trauma that can cause the most injuries in the spine (neck and back). Microtrauma (sprains micro-fractures, strains and disc-related injuries) usually has long-term effects in the absence of treatment.

“Many young patients visit us for treatment after having neglected back pain for a lengthy period of. They are typically aged between 20 to 40, a lot of whom are taking medication and do not receive medical advice. The problems with the spine caused by potholes or bad roads require prompt attention,” he said.

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