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Between “tech neck,”” uneasy sleep and stress, all of us these days deal with shoulder and neck discomfort. While it’s crucial to tackle the causes that cause this it is possible to use a home neck and shoulder massager could help temporarily relieve muscular tension and pain chiropractor Kevin Lees, D.C. Manager of quality and auditing for The Joint Chiropractic, told Health. The ergonomically created HoMedics Shiatsu Deluxe neck and shoulder massager is currently on sale at 38 percent off.


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“Relieving tension and returning motion allows your body to relax and function normally,” said Dr. Lees. The inability to treat these points untreated can lead to all kinds of issues including neck pain, headaches to chronic ailments such as osteoarthritis and joint degeneration, Dr. Lees said.

It is HoMedics product is neck massager shiatsu is a kind of Japanese treatment that applies specific pressure to stimulate certain channels to relieve tension. Shiatsu “works great for those who suffer from neck tension and upper back or neck pain” Dr. Lees said.

The Homedics neck massager comes with four nodes that rotate (two at each shoulder) and you can use them to either knead upwards or outward. It also comes with three speeds to provide more intense or gentle massage, as well as the capability to trigger heat for greater massage.

The Shiatsu neck massager comes with an internal flexible wire frame that adjusts to your unique neck shape to help you focus tension precisely. It also has arm loops that you can slide your hands through to regulate the tension on your shoulders and neck and to keep pressure on even when you’re at a desk or browsing on your smartphone.

The neck massager from Homedics can be described as Health‘s top choice for “best ergonomically-designed option” and the reviewers say it is “intense and amazing,” “life-changing,” and as “getting an intense massage” at home.

One user who was suffering from neck pain and tension for a few weeks, said they found the feature to be “so soothing” and that the reverse cycle was perfect for “really relaxing the muscles completely.” They do it not only on their necks and shoulders but also on their entire back. They consider it to be the “next greatest alternative” to a genuine human massage.

Another reviewer, a teacher began to experience back discomfort when they went from teaching in person to sitting for long periods of time for online education. They reported that the device has made “a massive impact” in their back which they described as “a chaos.” One reviewer who suffers from migraines claimed that this device was “a tremendous aid” since they can make use of it while typing to ease the upper back.

This neck massager from shiatsu can aid in more ways than only your shoulders and neck. One user who was suffering from severe hip flexor pain , called the device “a great help in loosening the tight muscles” in the hips as well as the low back. A different reviewer noted that the straps are excellent for preventing tension and moving the massager upwards and downwards along the spine, “concentrating on the regions that need the most.”

Given that we are seated in one place throughout the time–whether in front of a laptop computer or behind the wheel, or in front of our phones, we could all benefit from an intense massage every day. Take advantage of the HoMedics Shiatsu Massager today while it’s in stock for just $74. You can get constant relief from your home with a price of $74.

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