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Information presented during Pacific Spine Pain Society annual meeting The Pacific Spine Pain Society annual meeting

CLEVELAND September. 21 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -SPR Therapeutics SPR Therapeutics presented data regarding the application in peripheral nerve stimulation (PNS) to provide pain relief for patients suffering from neck pain axially in the Pacific Spine Pain Society annual gathering located in Las Vegas. The anonymized data of patients who had an operation that was commercially placed using the (r) PNS System gives an important and thorough analysis of the way PNS works across a greater variety of patients than could be enrolled in a controlled study. The non-destructive treatment was administered to efferent fibers within cervical medial branch nerves. According to the retrospective review the results showed that 83 % of patients showed improvement that is, at the minimum, 50% decrease in pain or a significantly improved quality of life.

The treatment of neck axial pain is a critical medical need as well as a major medical possibility since an estimated 10% from the U.S. adult population at any time is affected by this particular chronic, sometimes debilitating pain. Percutaneous PNS, which is a procedure that lasts for sixty days, has been as a possible non-destructive treatment option that could be utilized to treat neck pain in the axial direction through the targeting of efferent fibers within the cervical medial branch nerves in order to create a comfortable cycle tension in the cervical musculature (e.g. multifidus). The use of SPRINT PNS SPRINT PNS System to stimulate the cervical medial branch nerves in an off-label way to relieve neck pain is an alternative to the commonly utilized treatments like opioids, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications and muscle relaxants. spinal injections and surgical procedures.

“The application of SPRINT PNS as a viable alternative that is minimally-invasive is a significant breakthrough for both doctors and patients who are trying for a treatment option for neck pain without having use surgical procedures,” said Dr. Ryan Mattie, Lead Author as well as Interventional Pain Management physician Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

Information about the SPINT (r) PNS System

Its SPRINT (r) PNS System, developed by SPR (r) Therapeutics is a revolutionary shift regarding the management of pain. The breakthrough treatment, which lasts for 60 days, is an initial-line (tm) PNS method that is specifically designed to restore the nervous system of the central nerve, allowing substantial and long-lasting reduction in chronic painwithout the need for permanent implants, nerve destruction or the possibility of addiction. The treatment has been studied extensively for the treatment of low back pain as well as shoulder pain, post-amputation pain as well as acute and chronic post-operative pain. It’s approved for use for up to 60 days and is acknowledged by the top pain treatment centers. Research suggests that this revolutionary neuromodulation therapy is a popular alternative for patients to more invasive treatments.

This SPRINT PNS Systems is recommended for up to 60 days symptomsatic relief of persistent, intractable pain, post-surgical, and acute post-traumatic symptoms; alleviation from post-traumatic pain; and symptomatic relief from post-operative pain. This SPRINT PNS system isn’t designed to alleviate pain in the area that is governed by the cranial or facial nerves.

Physicians must use their best judgement in deciding when they should utilize this SPRINT PNS System. For more details, refer to the SPRINT PNS System IFU. The most frequent adverse reactions are the erythema and skin irritation. Results can vary. Rx only.

For additional information about safety and efficacy, please visit: SPR Safety Information.

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SPR Therapeutics is a privately owned medical device company offering patients an opioid-free, minimally-invasive pain management option. The SPRINT (r)PNS System provides a vital need for a non-surgical, drug-free solution for patients suffering with chronic pain. With the most comprehensive collection of evidence-based clinical research for peripheral nerve stimulation to treat of pain SPR has proven that there is a market in the untapped areas like the peripheral (shoulder as well as knee) and back market for pain and established an extremely solid base for commercial growth. The company is headquartered located in Cleveland, OH with satellite offices in Chapel Hill, NC and Minneapolis, MN, SPR’s Senior Management team consists of experienced industry veterans with over 200 years of combined experience in the market for pain and MedTech knowledge that are all motivated by our goal to enhance the life of patients by offering them an minimally-invasive, drug-free and surgery-free treatment for chronic and acute pain.

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