SENECA, Pa. (EYT) – Are you experiencing neck discomfort? West Park Rehab may be capable of helping.

It is believed that neck pain affects around 30 percent from the U./S population every year. Neck pain could result from sudden trauma such as a fall injuries from sports, car accidents or chronic problems with the spine.

The most common causes of neck pain are people aged between 30 and 50 years old. There are studies that show that women are more likely to experience neck pain than males. Obesity, poor posture smoking, heavy lifting, computer and office work, as well as participation in physical activity have all been identified as risk factors that can lead to neck pain.

The physical therapy staff of West Park Rehab are movement specialists. They can improve the your quality of life by providing direct care, patient education and the use of prescribed exercises. Contact an PT directly for an assessment. West Park Rehab has been successful in treating neck injuries and pain for more than 20 years. Help is on hand.

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The signs and symptoms

The kind and the place of your symptoms will depend on the structure or tissue which is affected and the severity of your injury.

Neck pain could be the cause of any of the following symptoms:

Inability to bend or turn the neck.

It is difficult to look up.

It is difficult to see at the shoulder.

The shoulder and arm muscles are weak. muscles.

Muscle spasms.

Neck pain may result in any of the following symptoms:

The neck may be hurting shoulder, upper back or arms.

There is a tingling or feeling of numbness in the shoulders, neck and arms.

The arms are weak.

Pain that is increased when coughing or sneezing. It can also be caused by reaching or sitting.

Inability to sit or stand straight.

– Stiffness in trying to move or a feeling that you are “stuck” with a particular position like stooped forward or leaning your head towards the side.

Tensive muscles.

– Headaches.

– Inability to hold one place for a prolonged duration of time, like standing or sitting, because of the pain.

A pain that gets worse in the morning , or at the time of night.

Sleeping difficulties because of discomfort.

What Can a Physical Therapist Can Help?

The physical therapy staff of West Park Rehab will work together to develop specific treatment plans which will speed your recovery. This includes exercises and treatments you can carry out at your home. Physical therapy can assist you to get back to your regular routine and daily activities.

A physical therapist could recommend:

Relax the area and avoid any activity that can cause a worsening of symptoms within the arms or neck.

Keep active around the house, avoid long sleeping in and take brief walks at least once a day. Moving your body will reduce stiffness and pain and make you get better.

Perform the neck movements that he or she will show you. These exercises can ease stiffness and pain , and help allow for normal movement of the neck.

Apply humid heat or ice pack on the affected area over 15 to 20 mins every 2 hours.

Sit in chairs that are sturdy. Sofas with soft cushions and chairs that are easy to sit in can make your problem more difficult.

Consult a doctor for additional services for example, medications or medical tests, including EMG/NCS which are now performed at the office of West Park Rehab, Franklin Location.

An EMG/NCS utilizes a probe which sends an electrical signal through a nerve and analyzes its speed of travel. It’s like the police radar gun that measures the speed of vehicles moving. A different test is performed to determine what happens to the electrical impulse when it reaches an muscle. The test will determine whether the issue with the compressed nerve is new, mild or chronic/severe. Based on this knowledge your physician can offer specific suggestions regarding treatment.

The correct diagnosis of the root of the nerve issue at its source is crucial. Being aware of how serious the issue can assist in deciding on the best way to treat it. The most minor of problems can be treated with a few stretch and physical Therapy treatments. More serious problems might require the assistance of a healthcare professional. Whatever the case knowing where the issue originates from can speed up your recovery. Find out more about Testing for EMG/NCS with West Park Rehab.

Can this condition or injury be prevented?

To avoid neck pain, one must:

Maintain an upright posture (avoid sliding) throughout the day. That means keeping your head and spine in the correct position during standing, sitting as well as during daily routine activities.

Keep your muscles healthy and flexible. Keep up a steady schedule of exercise to keep an active and healthy level of fitness.

Make sure you are using the correct body mechanics while lifting or pulling, pushing, or engaging in any activity that places extra stress on your spine.

Keep an appropriate weight. This will ease the pressure upon your spine.

– Stop smoking.

Discuss your job in a session with your physical therapist who will provide an analysis of your duties and provide suggestions to decrease the risk of injuries.

To avoid the recurrence neck pain, adhere to the guidelines above. Also:

Maintain the new motion and posture habits were taught by your physical therapy therapist West Park Rehab to keep your neck and back fit.

Continue to follow your home-exercise routine as instructed from your physical therapy. This will ensure that you keep your gains going.

Keep yourself physically active and keep healthy.

The Therapists of West Park Rehab will work with you to design an individualized treatment and education program that is specific to your needs and objectives.

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