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Welcome back to your shopping cart, where we list the top ten products that you, loyal strategist readers, have all bought in droves. Think of this as the tl; dr the strategist. If your like-minded brothers purchase these items, you may want to too.

As the fall season rolled back to school, Strategist readers masked themselves throughout September; Six top spots were taken by masks, including children’s masks to protect students when they trickle back into personal school. We also saw the return of some familiar faces, like the RoC anti wrinkle retinoid cream and Oral-B mouthguard for the night, neither of which we had seen since the beginning of this year. And a delightful set of round colored pencils, which last appeared on this list in autumn 2020, also surprised.

LG Health Care KF94 Air Washer Disposable Face Mask

Like last month, these KF94 masks are again at the top and maintaining their status as one of the best disposable face masks out there. Some studies have shown that the South Korean equivalent of KN95s may be better at blocking droplets – but without direct testing between the two, it depends mostly on your personal preference. Camilla Cho, Senior Vice President E-Commerce Strategist, prefers this because it prevents her glasses from fogging up, and she likes the fact that you can “pull the small front loop” [to] Adjust the tightness around the ears, nose and sides. “

ECOGUARD 3-layer disposable face mask with ear loop Made in USA

These ubiquitous disposable face masks from EcoGuard climbed back to second place from fourth place last month and are consistently comfortable and easy to wear. Our tests showed that they “fit pretty well with little need for adjustment” and passed the lighter test with flying colors. Readers bought both the blue and black color variants in bulk, with the blue only supplanting black in terms of popularity.

Powecom KN95 disposable masks, pack of 10

And the Powecom KN95 mask stays in third place last month and is always a solid choice, featured in our roundups of both the best disposable masks and the best KN95 masks. While technically non-medical, they appear on the FDA’s approved emergency PPE list because they claim to filter out 95 percent of the particulates. They are also “soft on the skin and ensure a tight seal from the bridge of the nose to under the chin”.

Vistaprint Dotted Face Mask

If you prefer a reusable mask, we tested this Vistaprint mask last year and it’s one of our favorites – and yours too, having made its eighth time on our list. Senior writer Liza Corsillo says they “don’t feel cramped or heavy and look cute enough and feel really well made.” You can also purchase reusable filters from Vistaprint that simply slide into the inside pocket of the mask.

RoC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Anti-Aging Night Cream

This is the ninth time since 2019 that this RoC antiaging night cream has hit the readers’ cart; The last time we saw it was in May. It topped our list of the best wrinkle creams, with dermatologists agreeing that the retinol in this product is key to reducing fine lines and wrinkles. “When I think of the best anti-wrinkle creams, I immediately think of which over-the-counter creams contain retinols – in my opinion the number one ingredient in an anti-aging cream search,” says Morgan Rabach, dermatologist at LM Medical NYC. She adds that the RoC is great because it’s gentle enough to use on sensitive, wrinkled skin around the eyes as well.

Beckham Hotel Collection Gel Cushions (Pack of Two)

As the days get colder and the sun goes down earlier, snuggling up under the covers becomes more and more attractive – and these Beckham Hotel gel pillows are long-running favorites for adding to the comfort of your bed. An Amazon reviewer says that their entire family sleeps on these pillows and they “absolutely love” them all. [them]; my neck pain is gone and i sleep much better now. I’m 60 and my wife 56. Comfort is important at this stage in our lives and these pillows offer it! “

Evolvetogether Amazonia face masks

On our list of the best disposable masks, Stephanie Downes, associate director of audience growth, strategist said these were her first choice because “they stay in place yet are comfortable enough to wear while exercising outdoors.” These masks are also independently tested and certified as Medical Type IIR by SGS, a world leader in consumer product testing, so you can rest assured that you are completely protected. In addition, the sale of these special green masks will benefit One Tree Planted, a global non-profit organization dedicated to reforestation.

Jaanuu Anti-Microbial Children's Masks

These Jaanuu children’s masks appear on this list for the second year in a row thanks to their soft, antimicrobial fabric, which is also used for their signature scrubs. Jaanuu also donates one mask for every mask sold to organizations like Baby2Baby, LA Family Housing, the River Fund and more.

Oral-B night protection with telescopic sight

This mouthguard first appeared in shoppers’ shopping carts in 2020, and the last time it appeared on that list was in January earlier this year – perhaps an indication of the fluctuating stress levels our readers experience. According to dentists, this Oral-B mouthguard is one of the best-fitting OTC options due to its “boil and bite” design, which can be microwaved and adjusted to fit your mouth. New York dentist Dr. Lana Rozenberg advises: “Once it’s set, you can trim it” [the excess material], and now you have a semi-customized protection. “

Crayola My First Palm Grip colored pencils, coloring for toddlers, 6ct

With all of that September back-to-school shopping, it’s no surprise that these adorable ergonomic colored pencils make an appearance on this list. According to children’s expert Dr. Alexandra Figueras-Daniel they are “a great way to get young children excited about writing and drawing” and are “perfect for small hands to develop fine motor skills”. Plus, their rounded egg shape means they’re less likely to choke than other art supplies. These colored pencils made our list of the Best Toys for 1 Year Old, which is filled with jewelry and doodads to keep the little ones entertained.

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