If you’re suffering from back neck, shoulder or back discomfort, it can be hard to fall asleep and sleep through your sleep without getting interrupted with pains and sores, stings or swells. According to a report from the 2019 National Health Interview Survey, one out of five adults within the United States has chronic pain. In all medical conditions, pain is the most common reason for insomnia, which means that millions of people lose sleep because of bodyaches and discomforts.

A mattress that does not properly provide support can result in your discomfort. The mattress and pillows have a crucial role to play in keeping your body in a proper position while sleeping to prevent further discomfort. There are a few things to take into consideration when choosing the right pillow to treat back neck, shoulder or shoulder discomfort, the most crucial of which is your position of sleep and pillows’ materials. Side and back sleeping are suggested as the most optimal position to get pain relief, but there are alternatives for stomach sleepers in need of aid also.

We will go over the essential information in the following paragraphs, which include my top pillow for pain suggestions and what you need to be aware of when looking for pillows to ease your pain.

The best pillow for neck suffering

People who sleep on their sides and suffer from neck pain require a tall, lofty cushion that can properly support the neck and doesn’t flatten. The feather pillows tend to be (usually) certainly not your best friend. This Eli & Elm Pillow is approximately 5 inches in height it measures 17 by 29, inches. You can purchase it with an additional filling if desire it to be even more firm.

In contrast, you can off the filler to alter the firmness to suit your needs. It’s also designed ergonomically to conform to your shoulder and has the appropriate loft to ensure your neck stays aligned and in line with your spine.

The interior is constructed of fluffy latex fibers, soft Polyester fibres. Eli & Elm call them noodles. It’s a perfect equilibrium between supportive and soft. It is soft and relieving pressure, but does not lose its shape or strength, which is an excellent feature in the search for the ideal pillow to relieve neck tension.

Sleep Number

The Sleep No. TrueTemp cushion with the shape of a contour is a great pillow that will align the neck with your spine in the “C” shape. It is ideal for back sleepers who suffer from neck pain.

There are extra benefits, including its 37.5 Technology, which utilizes naturally occurring volcanic mineral. It can regulate your temperature , and allows you to sleep cooler than with various memory foam cushions. When paired with a cool cover that’s cold to feel, it’s a cool pillow that lives up the name.

Three foam inserts in The Sleep Number True Temp pillow make it cushy and comfortable and a relaxing feeling. It’s really soft and provides a decent level of support. If you’d like to make it more supple or less lofty take out the inserts, and then adjust them according to.

Sleep Number

Imagine that you’re in a cinema and you’re in front of the line. Your neck is stretched for more than an hour and you leave with a slight itch or irritation. This is the same for stomach sleepers that sleep on a high pillow.

The most luxurious ComfortFit Mattress Number pillow gives you the best of both worlds: low loft and adequate support. It’s not going to fall flat due to the soft, shredded foam inserts. The filling provides the pillow with a an extremely soft, comfortable and extremely comfortable feeling. In addition, inserts can be removed if you’d like to cut down on the size of the length of your pillows. I took one insert out to make it more comfortable for me when I sleep with my stomach and it’s my preferred pillow.

Best pillow to relieve back discomfort


A lot of side sleepers say they’re in search of the ideal pillow. It’s important to search for the right height and support. Purple Harmony is a perfect match for both and is the top cushion for people who sleep on their sides and suffer from back discomfort.

Available in three different sizes that include 5.5, 6.5 and 7.5 inches — it’s ideal for people who sleep on their sides of all sizes living with back discomfort. It softly supports your neck and neck spine while maintaining it in a normal alignment with the spines of the thoracic and lumbar spine.

Purple promises it’s Purple Harmony is unlike any pillows, and they’re right. It’s constructed using Purple’s own Gel Flex Grid and a slab of latex foam which makes it soft and comfortable while also being a great support.

The feeling of the Gel Flex Grid is similar to gel, much like the insole of a shoe. It’s soft and squishy , but doesn’t lose its shape. With the latex foam you get a pressure-relieving cushion which promotes alignment and a great flow of air. There’s no need to flaunt with the Purple Harmony in your life.

You can buy this Purple Harmony through Purple, however, it is available at a lower price on Amazon.

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This layla Kapok pillow is a sustainable pillow that is made of natural fill by the fibres from kapok pods from the tree. In addition to Layla’s shredded foam filling, it is an extremely soft, cushy and a comfortable cushion that can support the cervical spine while encouraging a correct “C-shaped” shape for back sleepers suffering from back pain.

The Layla Kapok as well as some others on our top pillows for pain can be adjusted. It is possible to remove the filling in order to adjust the loft according to your preferences. I also appreciate the cost of this pillow, since it’s one of the most affordable pillows to treat back problems.

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Brooklyn Bedding

Stomach sleeping isn’t advised for those who suffer from back discomfort, however, having a comfortable, low-loft, and supportive pillow is a better option if you are unable to switch to a different pillow. It is important to ensure that your neck stays aligned with your spine to prevent hurting your back further, however, your pillow must be able to support your neck.

Its Talalay latex pillow by Brooklyn Bedding comes with the option of a low loft which can accommodate stomach sleepers without changing its shape. It’s also a green eco-friendly pillow, constructed from an Talalay latex slab made from the sap of a rubber plant. The cover’s exterior is made of soft organic cotton.

Its perforated latex construction makes it a breathable, temperature-regulating pillow if you’re a sleeper who gets hot during the night. Not to mention this pillow has one of the cheapest prices on our list.

The best pillow to relieve shoulder discomfort


The only pillow made of down on my top pillow for pain is the Casper Down. Casper Down uses ethically sourced feathers, and has a five-chamber design to ensure that the fluffiness doesn’t fall flat when you lie on your back. The chambers inside are firm and supportive while the chambers on the outside feel soft and airy. It requires a fluffing every couple of days to maintain its shape.

If you’re dealing with shoulder discomfort, back sleeping with the Casper Down pillow supporting the neck and shoulder joints is a great method to ease the shoulder pain while maintaining your back in alignment with your neck and head.

How we tested pillows?

CNET editors select our products and the services that we review based on our the editorial quality. If you purchase using our link, we might receive a fee. We are still evaluating the best shoulder pillow to relieve discomfort in people who sleep on their sides and we will update the post accordingly.

LoftRegarding pillows, the term “loft” is a reference to the height of their pillows. Different sleeping positions need different heights of pillows. The aim is to find an appropriate pillow that is able to support your neck and head while keeping the spine to be in an upright position.

In terms of firmness, the thicker the pillow is, the more supportive it will be. I searched for pillows that offered the feel of a firm, supportive that also eased tension around joints. The pillows that are more flat and soft may not be the best choice when you’re dealing with back neck, shoulder or back discomfort.

The ability to adjust:Many pillows these days are designed to be able to be adjusted because manufacturers know that pillows aren’t an “one size will fit all” thing. So, you are able to remove inserts or fillings to alter the firmness and loft to meet your individual requirements. This also allows pillows to be adapted for different body types . the more muscular you are the higher and more firm the pillow you choose to use.

Cost:Some people have the budget to purchase an expensive cushion that can help ease pain, however, other people require pain relief without spending over $100 for a pillow. I’d like to offer the best of both so that most individuals can get a great night’s rest.

Material and ComfortMemory foam as well as latex are thought to be the top pillows that provide pain relief. They provide comfort, pressure relief, and support, without losing their the shape or needing regular fluffing. However, some pillows can be useful in pain relief, especially when placed beneath the lumbar region , or between the limbs.

What factors to take into consideration when selecting the best pain relief pillow

Sleeping position

Sleeping on your sidehas been proven to lessen discomfort on the neck as well as spine. Side sleepers should lie on a high-height pillow to support their head and neck and keep it straight in line with the spine. Use a pillow that is supportive between your knees in order to keep the hips in alignment , and decrease stress on your hips and joints.

The back-sleepers benefit from medium to small loft pillows to keep the cervical or neck spine in a correct C-shaped curve. It is a great option for relieving pain as it distributes pressure evenly throughout the body and lessens the pressure on your spine.

Stomach-sleepers have the highest rate of neck pain throughout the day. Stomach sleeping puts extra stress upon shoulders, back as well as your shoulders. It’s not an ideal position to sleep in for those suffering from discomfort. However, you could lie on a cushion under your hips to help improve spinal alignment, if you are unable to shift to the sides or back.

The pain type

Shoulder painis most comfy when you rest in your back or a shoulder that isn’t injured. Sleeping on your back is advised since it distributes weight evenly and doesn’t cause any disruption to your shoulders. However, you may also lie on your side and sleep with a the support of a pillow under your armpit to ease the pressure.

The best way to sleep with back discomfortis the most relaxing when sleeping on your back and you can ensure a the straight spine as well as neck align. It is also possible to put pillows beneath your knees for additional pressure off your spine.

The neck-ache that you suffer fromis most comfortable when you sleep on your side or back However, your pillow should ensure that the cervical spine in a neutral alignment to reduce pressure on your neck. Sleepers on the back who have shoulder pain need to rest with their pillows to support their neck and shoulders as well as another one under their knees to ease pressure from the spine.


Certain products are more effective at maintaining their shape and shape, while also supporting your head and cradling your shoulders and neck. The ideal pillow to use for back discomfort and neck pain, shoulder or back discomfort will offer a perfect combination of the relief of pressure and support with enough level of firmness.


The loft of your mattress is vital when you’re struggling with discomfort. The height of your pillow should fit your sleeping positionto ensure that your spine neck, head and neck in proper alignment.

Side sleepers are better off with larger, loftier pillows that are able to support their heads. Stomach sleepers can benefit from the thin pillows that hug the head. Likewise, back sleepers require a medium loft that encourages a C-shaped curve.

The most effective pillow material to treat back, shoulder and neck back, neck and shoulder pain

Memory foam

Memory foam is renowned for its properties to ease pressure. It is a great option for comfort and support. It’ll curve around your head and shoulders and will never flatten.

Latex foam

Latex foam is a light resilient and durable foam that’s also soft and squishy and soft at the same time. Many brands utilize organic latex foam which makes their pillows environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic. Latex foam is similar in features of pressure relief to memory foam but is larger and more bouncier.


Down pillows provide an ideal cushion for your body to help support your shoulders, knees as well as your lower back. As long as it has an appropriate design, it will help back or stomach sleeping with a small or medium-sized loft.

Poly foam

Polyurethane foam is less expensive to produce than latex or memory foam, so these types of pillows are less expensive. It’s more flexible than memory foam, and more like soft foam rather than latex foam. For a better understanding the comfy couches are constructed of polyurethane foam.

Best pillows for pain Questions

Which pillows would Chiropractors suggest?

Many chiropractors recommend memory or latex foam for their comfort and pressure-relieving properties. The foams conform to your curves, help keep your neck and head supported and help maintain straight spinal alignment.

Are pillows causing back or shoulder discomfort?

Your pillow is an important role in preventing pressure on your neck as well as spine. If your pillow isn’t able to accommodate your position while you sleep it could lead to a misaligned spinal alignment, and consequently an increase in discomfort.

What position of your bed causes back discomfort?

Stomach sleeping is the least recommended posture for those suffering from back shoulders, neck and shoulder discomfort. This position places more pressure upon your spine and may cause neck pain since you must keep your head in a kink to the side when you sleeping.

The information provided in this article is intended for informational and educational purposes only. It is not intended to be medical or health advice. Always consult with a doctor or any other health professional who is qualified for any concerns you might have regarding a medical condition or health goals.

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