Ken Hansraj, MD, the Spine Surgeon who drew international attention to the worldwide health issue of “Text Neck,”” presents LIFT: Meditatives to Boost Back Health The book is a new series of meditations for instruction developed to enhance spine health, reduce the effects of chronic neck or back discomfort, and offer an alternative to surgery or medications.

Many people across the globe suffer from the chronic pain of neck and back discomfort and the treatment costs the global economy billions of dollars every year. Furthermore an ongoing opioid epidemic within the U.S. has many looking for alternatives to prescriptions to alleviate chronic pain. Studies and clinical studies confirm that meditation can dramatically lower the pain. Lift: Background Meditations Boost back health were developed by a physician to assist in managing pain and to offer the tools needed to protect the spine and improve overall wellbeing.

“As an spinal surgeon, I’ve been able to treat chronic pain. I’ve seen a lot of people often suffer in pain due to bad posture, poor habits and mental state,” said Dr. Hansraj. “Chronic discomfort, particularly back discomfort, could affect a person’s health However, there are alternative options to medications. I’ve witnessed firsthand the positive benefits of meditation, and this has inspired me to design an LIFT meditation program to aid those around the globe who suffer from neck and back pain.”

LiFT: Meditations for Boost Back Health is a six-part course designed and run by Dr. Hansraj to help improve neck and spine health, change the focus and offer a different treatment to medication and surgery.

In every LIFT meditation Hansraj, Dr. Hansraj takes listeners on an adventure through different scenarios of directed thoughts and suggestions to guide your mind to a more relaxed focus to rid the body and mind of emotional burdens. Its LIFT Meditations guided by Dr. Hansraj are created to assist listeners in becoming more in tune with their bodies as well as to identify the everyday forces of posture which can lead to back and neck discomfort. In the course the doctor. Hansraj teaches techniques to ease tension and reduce pain, and assist listeners in improving their wellbeing.

“I believe in the importance of whole-body wellness as well as preventative health care and taking care of your spine as the primary indicator of overall wellbeing,” said Dr. Hansraj. “As as part of an holistic approach I suggest meditation to my patients as an additional treatment.”

LiFT: Meditations for Boost Back Health was produced by Greg Knowles, James Fallon along with Joe Costable at the award-winning Bimperl Studio. Grammy award-winning Darlene Koldenhoven as well as Juilliard faculty members Kendall Durelle Briggs, Emi Ferguson, and Forrest Gore rendered the beautiful accompanying music.

The album is through Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, iTunes, Pandora, Deezer, and can be downloaded for free at

A BIT ABOUT The Dr. Ken Hansraj Ken Hansraj, MD, creator of LIFT: Meditations to Boost Back Health and author of WATCH YOUR BACK is a spinal and orthopedic surgeon with over 20 years of experience, specializing in preventative medical treatment and employing minimally-invasive techniques for spinal treatment when it is it is possible. He is well-known for his groundbreaking research into “text neck,”” the doctor has been featured as a guest on CNN, CBS, FOX, NBC, ABC, and NPR. He was called one of America’s most compassionate doctors for 2020 by Vitals living with his family, including his son and wife at Rockland County, New York. To learn more, visit

LIFT : Meditations and Exercises that Boost Back Health | By Ken Hansraj, MD | Produced by Greg Knowles and James Fallon Music performed by Darlene Koldenhoven Emi Ferguson, and Kendall Durelle Briggs |Forrest Gore Copyright 2023 BlackPatent, LLC

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