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Sleeping well will differ for everyone. Some people require a late night drink while others prefer to cuddle up with an array of cool sheets for bed in summer. If you’ve noticed you’re not sleeping comfortably due to a stitch on your neck you might just need to purchase an additional pillow.

Begin by using begin with Zamat Contour Memory Foam Pillow It is currently available on Amazon. Because of the contoured shape of memory foam this pillow offers the neck with support and improves your spine alignment. All of it will help you avoid getting up due to neck, shoulder back, spine, or neck discomfort. Additionally, it is perfect for all kinds of sleeper, no matter if you sleep on your back, side, back or stomach.

The pillow is also able to be adjusted to your preference by removing or adding any memory foam cushions in order to tailor your sleeping experience. The pillow is also finished with a the cover, which is quilted — adding a touch of softness which is easily removed and put in the washer. The customers can pick from a range of colors such as blue and dark gray All of them can be purchased in the two size categories: queen and standard.

Buy It! Zamat Contour Memory Foam Pillow, $39.99 (orig. $49.99); amazon.com

More than 7000 Amazon customers have rated this pillow with memory foam five-star rating, with many stating that it provides “full cervical support” and declaring that they’ll never again use the “regular” pillow again after using this one. One reviewer stated, “After about 12-14 days I stopped having pain in my neck,” while another added: “I sleep in all places and never imagined that I’d find an item that is comfortable in all positions.”

Even those who were skeptical have been enticed by this pillow. the other stating that they have suffered from neck pain for many years. They wrote: “I have been using the pillow for about 90 days and am now… I have to say that it is by far the most comfortable I’ve ever used.” They added that “I haven’t felt stiff in my neck in the last the last 90 days.”