How we take care of Your Neck and Back

The pain can manifest as muscle spasmsor burning sensations, or tightness in your back, spine and neck. If the pain is sudden, sharp dull or achy refusing to acknowledge it won’t provide any relief. If resting, icing, and stretching isn’t enough for you, then we recommend you visit us.

We at the Avera Orthopedics team is here to assist you in finding relief and stop more serious issues from occurring. We can help you with diagnosis treatment, recovery and rehabilitation. Treatment plans are customized to your individual needs and goals , meaning that you will heal quicker.

Neck and Back Pains We treat

  • Neck and back injuries to the back and neck
  • Thoracic pain that is located in or around the spine and on your spine
  • Chronic pain that runs along or around the back or neck
  • Compression fractures in the spine
  • The curvature and curve of the spine (kyphosis or the scoliosis)
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Facet joint disorder
  • Lower back Pain in the lower back
  • Nerve root injuries
  • Slipped discs
  • Spinal fractures

Nonsurgical Neck and Back Solutions

Avera Orthopedics specializes in treating the various spine issues that affect those in the back as well as neck. The treatment we provide is tailored to your particular needs and objectives with nonsurgical options when it is it is possible.

  • Injections
  • Medical supplies (over-the-counter as well as prescription drugs)
  • Physical therapy

The Neck and Back are not as invasive. Options

If nonsurgical treatments don’t alleviate discomfort in your neck and back symptoms A minimally-invasive procedure may alleviate discomfort. Orthopedic surgeons will decide the need for this procedure by conducting an exam, Xray and consultation. With the advancement of technology that have made it possible for more back and neck issues are treated using this method. It could involve tiny cuts and less muscle damage. Two of the most common procedures are lumbar decompression as well as spinal Fusion.

Recovery Plan for the The Best Possible Recovery

With Avera You have access to the top techniques and technology. Our surgeons employ the most up-to-date techniques and the most sophisticated technologies to give you the most effective treatment.

If you are aware of what to expect from the recovery process, more favorable outcomes are feasible. Your orthopedic health care team will assist you in planning the next steps following back and neck procedures. We’ll help to take care of everything after surgery including medications, physical therapy at home and even home. Simply show up for your procedure, and we’ll handle all the rest.