The process of scrolling through your phone can be an absolute discomfort to the neck. here's what you can do fix it with 7NEWS

Have you experienced neck pains from having spent a little too much time scrolling around on your smartphone?

Chiropractors suggest that you could be suffering from “tech neck”.

The Australian Chiropractors Association says a just a little over three percent of patients have suffered from neck pain in the past year, which is a double blow for their mental and physical health.

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“The Human head is approximately 5 kilograms. But, as the neck curves upwards and downwards the weight of the cervical spine increases,” president David Cahill declared.

Scrolling on phones can cause “tech neck,” one-third of people have experienced discomfort in the last calendar year. Credit: AAP

The survey conducted by the association of around 1000 people revealed that fifty percent of them employed their phones to browse social media. 44 percent also utilized them to stream content and 48 percent used their phones to shop.

This left less time to fitness, sleep, family and acquaintances.

Cahill has suggested five ways individuals can do to lessen neck discomfort.

Take a quick break

A 20-second break on your phone every 20 minutes may aid in relieving neck discomfort.

Hold it up

Also, people should think about changing the manner in which they hold their phones.

Bring the phone to their eye level, so that the head doesn’t tilt.

Posture Check

Relax your shoulders back and make sure at keeping your ears aligned with your spine while keeping your feet set.

The habit of retaining what doctors call the forward head posture could cause disc herniations, muscle strain and pinched nerves.

In time, it may even reverse or flatten the natural shape of your neck.

Like your mom always used to say: be vigilant or it will remain the same way.

Position of sleep

Cahill also suggested that those who lie on their stomachs and have stiff necks when they wake up should consider sleeping on their backs instead.

Walk around

Include regular walks into your daily routine and at least 5 minutes per hour, could be beneficial, he added.

“We are aware that regular exercise can help reduce pain and improve quality of life for people suffering from neck pain,” Cahill said.

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