A morning with neck pain can really ruin your day. In the end, that stiffness, stiffness and general ache are difficult to get rid of when you feel it each time you turn your head. However, making the switch to one of the top pillow for neck discomfort could be an enormous help.

Neck pain can be an extremely complex issue (you must always consult with your physician to rule out any other possible causes and receive advice on the appropriate treatment) The right pillow to rest your neck and head while you doze can make all the difference between with a refreshed feeling or having to struggle from the moment your eyes are opened until the moment you lie down to sleep. There are plenty of supportive pillows available on the market that are created to keep you in good alignment throughout the night and help ease your pain when you wake up.

Today, there’s an array of features that you should lookout for when searching for the top pillows to relieve neck discomfort. Certain are more traditional orthopedic pillows, while others utilize memory foam to provide the assistance (and affection) that your neck demands. With the many options available there, finding the perfect pillow to reduce neck pain be overwhelming and quick. Here’s a look at the top pillows for neck discomfort to help you sleep better and get your day with a bang.

Coop Home Goods Original Pillow

Although it wasn’t made for neck pain, people who have love it. Its Original Pillow features a special combination of microfiber and memory foam that is firm, but not so strong that it makes you feel like that you’re lying on the floor of a rock. The pillow is adjustable to the shape of your body and assists in keeping your spine in alignment while you sleep. The biggest benefit is the additional filling each pillow has an additional half pound of filling, meaning that you can alter the size of your pillow if you want to.

The Purple Pillow

Purple Pillow Purple Pillow is a little different than your typical pillows for neck discomfort. In addition, it comes with the signature purple filling but it’s also made with honeycomb-style filling, known as The Purple Grid for breathability and support. The pillow has a cover that wicks moisture, an inside grid with adjustable boosters to ensure that you get the perfect height.

The Neck Pillow Tempur-Pedic

Reduced from $100

Tempur-Pedic is the most well-known brand name for sleeping comfort, so it’s not a surprise that the firm would offer pillows specifically created to ease neck pains as well. Its neck Pillow can be firm, and features an attractively contoured design that emulate the curves of your neck. The result? You’ll have more support for your neck and head while you sleep on your side or on your back. The pillow is constructed of the company’s trademark Tempur fabric and won’t change shape with time. Select from small, medium, or large sizes.

EPABO Contour Memory Foam Pillow

The pillow from Epabo is the classic shape to ensure that your neck and head remain at a level all night. It is constructed from soft memory foam that breathes to prevent your body from becoming an uncontrollable sweat monster over the course of the night. It’s also encased in an anti-allergenic cover to prevent you from having to sneeze throughout the night. You can choose between queen and standard sizes.

Linnspa’s Ventilated Memory Foam Gel Pillow

If you’re more interested in the traditional feel of memory foam cushion This pillow from Linenspa is an excellent option. It features a big block of the material, packed with temperature-regulating gel and built-in ventilation holes to keep you from getting too hot at night. The pillow has a medium height that can help you cushion your neck and head without being too low or high. You can choose between the standard, queen and the king size.

The UTTU Sandwich Sleeping Pillow with Adjustable Memory Foam

Uttu’s cushion has an orthopedic design that is more traditional that features a gentle curve that mimics the natural contours that your physique. It’s filled with a dynamic foam that provides just the right amount of firmness. It’s all wrapped with a bamboo cover to give the ultimate cooling experience. Do you feel like it’s not quite enough for your height? Remove the middle layer and lower the height.

A Tri-Core Pillow for Cervical Support from Core Products

Your sleeping position is likely to not be ideal, nor is it fair. This cervical support pillow is made to correct your posture as you drift off to sleep with a concave centre and cervical roll that supports your neck and head. What will you get? A nearly perfect curvature that your spine has. It’s a good idea to know The pillow was designed to accommodate back sleepers. Choose from three sizes: full size, mid-size and smaller.

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