The pillows can be customized to provide you with the comfort you want. to flatten, fluff, or take out the TEMPUR-Blend that is an original adjustable fill. The options available in this category are King and Queen with a level of firmness that can be adjusted by the user.

Extra support A more ergonomic design these pillows is designed to fit the curvature of your neck and provide support for the cervical spine. There are three options for this category. are available in small, medium and large in size, as well in a firm or firm feeling, based on whether you’d like cooling gel.

Dual-Sided design: These pillows have been specially designed to be able to support any sleeping position, which makes it ideal for those who are prone to turning and bouncing around throughout the night. It is available in a single size (smaller than the queen) and is classified as gentle in the scale of firmness.

Cooling: Sleep hot? Cooling gel layers on the faces of the pillow will help keep you cool during the day. The feature comes in a variety of sizes, shapes and different levels of firmness.

down : These pillows have a classic down-like feel , but they also offer iconic support provided by TEMPUR(r) product. It’s a combination of comfort and support that can be used for any sleep style. It is available in King and Queen dimensions, but it offers the same firm, medium-firm feel.

travel : The perfect option for health-conscious people traveling The pillows in this collection are ideal to carry in airplanes, storing in your luggage or wrap around your neck to ensure the best night’s sleep when you travel long distances.