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The constant neck or back discomfort can be a nightmare. It is possible to think that you must take care of it, or that your only option is surgery.

But, there could be alternatives for you.

To find out more about the reasons and solutions to neck and back discomfort Doctor. Leila Ettefagh, a specialist in physical medicine, pain management and rehabilitation from The Core Institute, offered some perspective.

According to Ettefagh the study, there are several most common reasons for neck and back discomfort, such as muscles strain bad posture, sleeping improperly and lifting things with incorrect posture.

If any of the above are the reason, it will go away within a few days using over-the-counter pain relief. The use of heat packs and ice packs are also beneficial.

If the problem is more serious it could be the right time to visit a specialist. Some of the more serious causes for back and neck pain are arthritis, herniated discs or a broken bone or injury caused by an accident. These issues can also impact the nerves, causing the pain to radiate along your hips and down the leg.

Neck and back discomfort isn’t only an issue with your body. It can impact your mental wellbeing as well.

When someone is in discomfort, they might not be able to carry out the same things they used todo, leading people to feel isolated. This puts you at a greater likelihood of developing anxiety, depression or any other mental health problems.

What are your options for treatment? There are a variety alternatives, and it’s recommended to consult an expert regarding your particular circumstance.

Although many people think surgery is as the only option, Ettefagh says that isn’t the situation. There are medications that you can try, such as pain-relieving injections or anti-inflammatory shots, as well as physical therapy that you could explore before going under the surgical knife.

If your pain doesn’t disappear in a few days, or if you’re experiencing other symptoms other than the pain, seek medical guidance.

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