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If you fall asleep after a tiring day and find yourself reliving the fact that your mattress isn’t very comfortable, causing you to spin around throughout the night It’s an indication that you need to invest in a new. Also, Amazon customers have discovered an assortment of pillows that they’re calling “best” in addition to the “most comfy” they’ve ever slept.

Zen Bamboo Cooling Pillows are a hit with scores of five-star reviews from customers who have said they’re “very helpful” and can help people sleep better in the night. And they’re currently on sale at 40% off now and bring two queen-sized pillows for just $24.

What’s the secret behind the pillows’ great comfortability? They’re designed to be non-shifting meaning that regardless of whether you’re an back, stomach back and side sleeper they will keep their form and shape without clumping or bending. Additionally, they provide soft support that will best cushion your neck, ensuring that you won’t wake suffering from any discomforts and aches which can be the result of sleeping on poor pillows as well as being “cool to the feel.”

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The pillow’s exterior is made of soft viscose bamboo cover to help regulate temperatures. Based on the Sleep Foundation, bamboo-derived fabrics are wicking moisture, so hot sleepers and those living who reside in warmer climates may gain from buying these pillows.

If you’re susceptible to night sweats, these pillows are stain- and fade-resistant and you won’t need be concerned about becoming dull with time. (You can throw them into the washer to wash them clean!) The bamboo pillow in the dryer as they arrive to ensure that the pillows are “magical clouds of fluffy paradise,” according to one five-star reviewer.

Others have praised these cooling pillows as being more effective than the expensive ones and aiding them in sleeping more comfortably. “From the first night and on to more than a month later, each night has been extremely peaceful,” a reviewer shared.