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If you’re anything like us and have to spend much of your time sitting over your keyboard, you’ll want this top-rated laptop stand.

We purchased the revolutionary Boyata Adjustable Laptop Stand more than a month ago when we realizing that our neck and back discomfort was mostly due to poor posture when typing for many hours. Like the majority other 2 a.m. purchase Amazon purchases We weren’t satisfied.

It’s robust and features an z-shaped design that keeps your laptop in a level position regardless of whether you’re at the counter or at a desk. When folded, it’s small enough to fit into your bag for work, which is ideal for people who have to work at home or in the office. Furthermore, this innovative laptop stand is made from top-quality aluminum and comes with a gap on the surface so that your laptop can stay cool.

After only a few weeks We’ve noticed a dramatic improvement in our back and neck discomfort at the end our workday. Additionally that it’s certainly increased our productivity when at work! If you’re still not convinced take a look at any of the more than 10,360 5-star Amazon reviews.