This is a movable Aeyla Dual Pillow that can alleviate neck pain, can be purchased for 25% less Daily Mail

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Aeyla the Dual Pillow

So, say goodbye to neckaches in the morning by using The Dual Pillow from Aeyla. The pillow is approved by osteopaths, and it’s adjustable and has a removable inner pillow, making it a perfect to be used in any sleeping position.

One customer even said it had cured their ‘cranky neck’ noting that neck discomfort upon waking has almost disappeared’ following the use of The Dual Pillow.

PS51.75 (save PS17.25) Store

Are you looking to replace your pillows? It’s the Aeyla The Dual Pillow is available for PS51.75 (was the price of PS69) with discount coupon code SAVE25

The Aeyla Dual Pillow is currently priced at PS51.75 It’s reduced from PS69 with discount code SAVE25 when you the time of checkout (opens in a new tab).

This is a savings of more than PS17 on an osteopath approved cushion that helps neck alignment for a comfortable night’s rest.

To all those who sleep: A removable pillow offers plenty of support for all sleeping positions.

With hundreds of 5-star reviews, the pillow in the middle is removable to alter the firmness and height to your preferences, with the soft outer pillow will ease your shoulder and neck pain.

Many customers wrote glowing reviews stating that the pillow is “perfect” and a great purchase if you have neck discomfort.

One customer even said it had cured their neck pain, saying that the neck discomfort upon waking has almost disappeared’ after using The Dual Pillow.

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“Great pillow for neck pains It’s a great pillow for neck pain! A second shopper also said. “The most comfortable pillows I’ve ever used. I suffer from severe neck pain, and I often switch position throughout the night which is why this pillow was wonderful.

“No more pain in my neck after I get up. They’ve been around for over one year, and they’ve not changed shape!

Another raved: “We’re extremely pleased with the new pillow we received. It’s very comfortable and doesn’t get flat, but it’s not too firm.

“The first night it took a while to adjust to, as I had gotten familiar with a mattress that sinks fast; however I’m now getting the most restful sleep and cannot imagine sleeping that isn’t.’

Relaxedly cradling and supporting your head, neck and shoulders as you lay down, your removable pillow offers ample support for all sleeping positions.

The cover is filled with an alternative down premium micofibre fill, the cover is constructed using 100 cottons per cover that will keep you cool and comfortable.

You deserve an improved night’s rest and buy The Aeyla Dual Pillow today for just 25 per cent discount using the coupon code SAVE25 at the time of checkout.