This  life-changing pillow assists in reducing wrinkles, neck pain, and snoringIt's also for sale Yahoo Life

We all know that we need to get 8 hours of sleep every evening to ensure we’re well-nourished, look great and feel refreshed when we wake up however, it’s usually simpler said than done. If you’re prone to twirling throughout the night and you feel tired, sore and tired at the beginning of the day, your pillow could be to the blame. Let the smart Amazon buyers to discover an innovative pillow designed to alleviate sleep issues. It’s called the YourFacePillow which is able to do triple duty to alleviate pain, stop sleep apnea and treat wrinkles and acne. Also, the best news: Right now, it’s 20 percent discount on Amazon.

The unique design of this cervical pillow offers support to relieve tension on your neck, head and shoulders, taking tension off these areas while maintaining the spine and neck in a straight line. The pillow appears strange, but the design is actually built on solid scientific research.

“Cervical pillows can help maintain the normal curve of cervical the back and help prevent an unnatural bend in the neck. They do this by supporting the neck and ensuring that it remains in alignment to your spine,” Whitney Roban, Ph.D., a expert in sleep and the co-founder of Solve Our Sleep, told Yahoo Life. “You do not want your neck to be bent when you sleep, as you’ll awake with stiffness and pain.”

Although sleeping without pain is, certainly, a primary goal, the designers of YourFacePillow considered the other benefits that are often overlooked when you sleep in one’s back (or with a slight tilt to your side). Here’s the breakdown:

Anti-aging benefits

The key to glowing, firm skin doesn’t need to be found in cosmetic creams or moisturizers. It can be a more natural method. In simple terms, YourFacePillow composed of memory foam that is certified is made to ease the stress off your face by reducing the contact with your sleeping surfacean issue that is linked to acne and wrinkles from sleep. Instead, two supports on the sides within the pillow prevent your head from slipping to your side, which can help keep wrinkles at bay. (Spoiler alert the pillow works by allowing you to sleep on your back because of its neck support that is contoured.)

The downward pull of gravity isn’t limited to your face only. If you lie on your back the neck and chest skin may also become squished. What person would want to do that? In essence this pillow can be used as an anti-aging tool to minimize wrinkles.

The folks from YourFacePillow might be onto some thing “Memory foam pillows are contoured and fit your face. This will cause less pulling on the skin and may even help prevent wrinkles” claims Roban.

What if you woke up from a nap with that big wrinkle across your forehead? Don’t worry. No fake wrinkles or sleep lines are a problem with YourFacePillow as well. Even if you lie on your side, two support points prevent your face from getting placed against the pillow when you lay down.

The lack of contact between your pillow and skin will also help keep breakouts on your skin at the bay. The oils and dirt that accumulate on a pillowcase could irritate your face, causing redness, blackheads and whiteheads and puffiness. YourFacePillow helps keep your face from your pillow. Ventilation channels as well as “skin-friendly” products also aid in calming the skin.

The extremely squeezeable YourFacePillow can do it all: it helps reduce wrinkles, pain, and snoring. Get it now on sale.

Support for sleep apnea

Snoring sufferers may also benefit from a pillow by making sure that their airways are open while sleeping on their back or side and slightly to one side. These styles can help to improve your breathing throughout the night.

“Elevating your neck and head on a sleeping pillow can help open your airways and aid in the flow of air,” says Roban. “Pillows which support the neck and head including memory foam, can assist in reducing snoring, and even sleep apnea, by keeping your head elevated to ensure that airways are open, and you breathe more easily.”

Pain relief

If you are suffering with neck or back strain headaches and the TMJ (temporomandibular joint) pain, you might also be lucky. A great pillow can place you in the best position to reduce or even eliminate these issues. The more than 3,600 five-star customers have many praises to offer.

A YourFacePillow user on Amazon wrote: “I searched long and long for a pillow that would assist me in transitioning to back sleeping, to alleviate wrinkles, acne, and jaw pain from TMJ, which made sleeping more difficult on my stomach and face. This pillow was an excellent option. It’s of high-end quality, well-constructed and keeps me lying on my back or perhaps in my side.”

“The hips and shoulders are no longer hurting me. and shoulders is gone,” said another five-star reviewer. “I purchased this because I could rest in my back. I’m a side sleeper. My hips and shoulders are hurting. To relieve the discomfort in my shoulders and hips, I had to lie down to sleep on my back. Making a change to old habits can be difficult. With this pillow, I can now sleep comfortably on my back. It has relieved the back pain I have in my hips, shoulders and back. I love this.”

“Life is changing,” exclaimed another shopper. “I cannot even explain the magnitude of an impact this pillow has created… It eased neck pain after just one night after using it! It’s true. I like that it’s possible to lie on your back slightly, so you’re not pinned in a slouche on one side of your back.. The material is extremely comfortable and supple, and I cannot imagine sleeping without it today… I’m not able to put into the right words how astonished I was not to get up in pain in my neck all night. It was amazing To me!”

The pillows come in two sizes – regular and larger. Standard fits well for the majority people, however the larger size has a slight larger headrest as well as more space between the side supports. YourFacePillow is available with a satin-like case for an additional $225 However, most reviewers reported that their pillowcases are perfectly and blend with their other bedding.

If you’re interested by the savings currently available of $20 make it the perfect time to give the YourFacePillow to test.

If you’re a member of Amazon Prime, you’ll get free shipping, obviously. Aren’t you a member yet? It’s not a problem. You can sign up for a free trial of 30 days here. (And by the way, customers who do not have Prime are still eligible for free shipping on purchases of at least $25.)

The reviews above reflect the most current versions available at the time of their publication.

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