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The short version:As as of October. 25th you are able to buy the DRHO Neck Pain Pro Complete 6-Piece Set(opens in an entirely new tab) for only $129.99 instead of the usual $299this is 56% off.

Shoulder and neck pain(opens in an entirely open tab) may make it difficult to focus on other things. If it is painful to tilt your head or lift your arm, it’s difficult to engage in the activities that you love. You might find temporary relief by using the DRHO neck Pain Pro Complete Six-Piece Set. The neck and shoulder pain reliever makes use of massage and muscle stimulation to ease the pain temporarily.

If you’re in search of something to give someone who suffers from persistent neck pain or shoulders, or are searching for relief This massager could be worth looking into particularly since the price is now $129.99 (reg. $299).

Use this calming shoulder and neck massager if you’re experiencing pain

The Neck Pain Pro has three options that can provide temporarily pain relief(opens in the separate tab). It relies on TENS muscle stimulation as well as EMS muscle contraction and automated massage. TENS is a contraction of Transcutaneous electronic nerve stimulation. It might sound scary however, all it does is send signals through electrodes to your muscles in order to lessen your discomfort.

The use of Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) has been utilized for a long time to boost blood flow and reduce the atrophy of muscles. The improvement in blood flow can aid in reducing pain and swelling of the affected area particularly if you combine this treatment along with another, such as massage or TENS.

The auto-modulated massage comes with three options: deep kneading cutting and rub. The entire process can be controlled via the control panel wired to connects to the massager. It could take some trial and error to determine which type of massage is the most suitable to you. But you are able to enjoy it any time you require a little relief.

Relax your muscles with massage therapy and science

Take a break from the aches of your neck or shoulder discomfort. For a brief period buy the DRHO Neck Pain Pro Complete 6-Piece Set(opens in the new tab) available for $129.99 (reg. $299).

Prices are subject to change.

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