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Your pillow is a crucial element in making yourself comfortable enough to sleep well. And if you don’t fall asleep at night with proper support, you could wake up with literal neck pain.

In a perfect world, you want to try to keep your cervical spine, ie the vertebrae that make up your neck, “neutral” while you sleep, says physiotherapist Dr. Mara Vucich of the Maryland Spine Center at Mercy Medical Center across from Yahoo Life. Your pillow can help by supporting the natural curve of your neck, she says.

However, the right level of support for your needs will depend on how you sleep. “If you’re a side sleeper, you need a thick pillow to make sure you’re making up the difference and not bending your neck too much as you sleep,” says Vucich. Do you tend to doze on your back? Vucich says you “don’t need a lot” in terms of pillow filling – “just a little bit for that slight curve in the neck”. Belly sleepers don’t need a lot of support either, says Vucich.

And if you tend to tip back and forth from the side onto your back, she suggests using a pillow that is arched or slightly sunken in the middle to provide you with a range of support.

Are you ready to improve your pillow situation? At the moment, Sleep Number has marked its mega-popular Comfortfit pillow down by 30 percent. It’s an impressive $ 37 off the regular price!

$ 63 $ 100 at sleep number

Don't sleep on this incredible offer.  (Photo: sleep number)

Don’t sleep on this incredible offer. (Photo: sleep number)

The Comfortfit pillow is available in three different designs: classic shape, curved pillow and Ultimate with three removable inserts so that you can find the perfect height for your needs. There is literally a pillow for every sleeper here. All three pillow types are available in standard or king size.

OK, let’s talk about these pillows … each has a unique blend of memory foam pieces and high quality alternative down fibers to gently wrap your head and neck as you sleep. Even cooler? The pillows take back their shape after sleeping, so it feels like you go to bed with a freshly fluffed set every night.

The story goes on

Each pillow is wrapped in a breathable lyocell blend that is soft and hypoallergenic so you don’t have to worry about skin irritation or sneezing while you sleep.

Torn between different pillow shapes? Here is a more detailed breakdown to help you choose:

  • Classic: This has your standard pillow shape and is designed for stomach and back sleepers.

  • Bent: This pillow has smooth contours for added comfort and support – it is best for those who sleep on their side or back

  • Ultimate: This pillow can be used for almost any type of sleeper. Choose from three removable inserts to adjust your support and height. Stomach sleepers should use one or two pads, while those who sleep on their back or side are more comfortable with two or three pads.

These pillows have an army of fans who swear they help minimize neck pain. “Perfection,” said a satisfied customer. “Fits my neck and prevents my neck from getting stiff!” Another fan called her pillow “perfect” and added, “I’ve only had my pillow for two days and my neck pain has almost completely gone.”

Another satisfied sleeper said his pillow “relieved all of my neck pain,” remarking, “If you sleep on your side, be sure to get the curved pillow. It’s the perfect amount of neck relief.”

Just a note: this deal is only valid for a few days. Then you pay the full price again.

$ 63 $ 100 at sleep number

The reviews quoted above are the most current versions at the time of publication.

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