Three ways to prevent Neck Pain - University of Utah Health Care

Sep 28 2022, 10:00 AM

Autor: University of Utah Health Communications

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In today’s fast-paced, digital age, it’s difficult to maintain a healthy posture as we move through our lives. But over time, the hours of slouching and slumping and scrolling could lead to painful neck pain that is debilitating. Here are three ways to help keep your neck spine in good condition as you get older.

  1. Start the Tech Diet

Mobile phones and tablets can make life much simpler however, they can cause pain in the neck. Take these steps to avoid the painful consequences from “tech neck.”

  • Utilize a screen-time monitor app
  • Keep your phone to your eye whenever you can.
  • Break down screens into shorter sessions
  • Give yourself “technology breaks” throughout the day.
  1. Optimize Your Workstation

    When working there is a tendency to sit on the desk or slump back in the seat. Here are some suggestions to avoid the positions that put a huge stress on your neck.

  • Make sure that your line of vision is in line with the floor
  • Make sure you invest in an ergonomic seat with back support
  • Adjust your chair to ensure knees are at a level with hips.
  • Every 30 minutes, get up for a short stretch or stroll

Cheap Hacks:In lieu of an expensive desk with ergonomics, put your computer on a pile of books in order to keep the monitor in a level with your eyes. It is also possible to make use of a towel that has been rolled up to create a lumbar pillow to help support back pain. back.

  1. Extend it

Of all its advantages, yoga is an effective method to ease neck tension. It is important to do exercises that help bring your head back in a neutral posture. To treat neck problems, physical therapists often suggest chin-tuck exercises and chest-opener exercises that are easily done at home.

Chest Openinger

Secure a strap behind your back while pulling your arms back as you raise them. Inhale three times, and then let your body relax to begin.

Chin Tuck

When you are sitting at a desk, gaze at the sky and then gently move your chin back. Do this for 5 seconds and then ease your shoulders to begin.