Traveling? This neck pillow, which is reduced to $16 has increased by more than 90 percent in sales this week

The idea of vacation is wonderful but the actual traveling component…Not as much. How many of us been on long flights, trying to find a suitable sleeping position but only to end up feeling like a bobblehead doll, and finding our head sat on our airline mate’s shoulder? So embarrassing! It’s possible to be prevented with the proper accessories, like the most popular Mlvoc Travel Neck Pillow. More than 19,000 Amazon customers swear by this pillow for their comfort on the road and you can be sure that it’s working. It’s also increased sales by 90%, as reported by Amazon Movers & Shakers -which is a daily list of the top-selling products. The best part? Amazon is currently offering it for sale at only $16 (from the usual $30). This is greater than 45 percent discount and you should grab it to get it before the deal expires!


This soft neck pillow for travel provides unbeatable support. It also comes with a 3D-contoured eye mask as well as earplugs.

$16 on Amazon

What is it that sets the travel neck pillows from the cheap U-shaped pillows that are sold at airports? It’s built out of soft but sturdy memory foam to hold your neck in place, rather than slipping towards the side or forward which could result in tension and discomfort. The ergonomic design has two neck support points in either the front or back and its curving design won’t obscure your face like other models. It also features an adjustable rope lock, so you can adjust the fit to your neck’s shape and personal preferences for comfort.

Another fantastic benefit is the ventilated, sweat-proof pillowcase which is easily machine washable, allowing it to last many journeys. If you’re running out of space in your carry-on bag It includes a handy bag that compacts the pillow to just 50 percent of its size!

Its Mlvoc Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow could be worth the affordable price with all the mentioned features alone. But the inclusion of a an eye mask that is 3D-contoured and earplugs? What a steal! Contoured eye masks are more comfortable than regular ones since they don’t place direct pressure on your eyes. And who wouldn’t want a set of earplugs to drown out the noise of toddlers in the vicinity?

A plethora of Amazon customers are raving about this small travel companion So read on to find out why it is worthy to be brought along for your next trip.

Over 19,000 Amazon customers give this neck pillow five stars of praise. (Photo: Amazon)

“They give them out in heaven’s gates,” said one impressed reviewer. “I was a bit skeptical about this neck pillow due to the shape, but what a wonderful thing I have found! The small to-go bag is a major plus. It’s great to simply put it into the bag and put it in my purse.”

“I have a strained nerve within my neck. I just got back from a 16-hour trip that was non-stop from Dubai,” noted another fan. “I was nervous about my flight since I don’t rest well on planes. My travel companions commented that on the return flight that all I did was doze. This neck pillow offered more support for my neck and I felt no discomfort. I’m now using this pillow to help support my neck. I’m planning to purchase another pillow in the event that it is discontinued.”

A five-star customer also noted that it has helped with motion sickness “No bobblehead anymore,” they proclaimed. “Fantastic support…I tested an inflatable pillow a decade back but was dissatisfied and only used it one time. This pillow is in a different category. I’ve considered using it for my commute every day. It’s not just the standard back and side support, but when you tighten it using the drawstrings included it will also provide forward chin support for the forward chin. Aside from that I am prone to motion sickness. And with this garment in a nice and comfortable fit it helped reduce my head’s bob in turbulence, so I didn’t feel as ill as I normally feel.”

If you’re planning an extensive flight or road trip in the coming year, you’ll want to have the Mlvoc Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow your go-to travel companion. It’s available in various shades and designs (at various price points) and, if you’re planning to buy it at a bargain price for just $16, put it into your shopping cart immediately!


My travel companions told me that on the return flight that the only thing I did was lay down and sleep,’ wrote one reviewer suffering from an injured nerve on their neck. The neck pillow provided more support for my neck, and I experienced no discomfort.’

$33 on Amazon

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