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RJ Pierce, Tech Times October 03, 2021 at 8:10 am

TV installation varies from person to person, from house to house. But there seems to be one technique that many homeowners use when assembling their newly purchased Smart TV or OLED TV: right above the fireplace.

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It seems like the most logical place, doesn’t it? Most of the time, it’s in the middle of the living room, which feels “natural” to most people.

However, according to CNET’s Geoffrey Morrison, this is the worst area you could put your new TV in.

There are several reasons for this, and you will learn more about them as you read on.

Proper TV mounting is all about viewing angles

Do you remember the time when you were seated in the front row of a movie theater. Did you like it or not?

Lots of people don’t, because the reason is simple: the perspective is too high. If you do this long enough, you may experience a little neck pain.

It’s just too much stress having to look up to watch TV, especially for hours.

According to Tom’s Guide, the best viewing angle for your TV is eye level. But of course there are a few more factors to consider.

How high is your seat? How far is the screen from there? If you’re watching it from afar it might be okay to keep it over the fireplace. But when you’re sitting a little closer, keep it at eye level as much as possible.

Another consideration of the viewing angle depends on the specifications of your TV.

Like many gaming displays, most modern smart TVs have one of three display types: IPS, TN, or VA. You can easily see this on the packaging of your TV.

If your TV uses a TN panel, be sure to hold it at or near eye level. Because if you don’t, the screen will look bad when you look at it from an angle other than dead center.

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Heat and soot can be problematic

This is perhaps the most obvious. Even if your chimney is relatively modern, it still burns some type of fuel to do its job. And if there is one bad thing that stays constant for any electronic device, it is heat.

All of that heat can definitely shorten the life of your TV if you’re not careful.

The soot is even worse. If it builds up enough, it can penetrate the TV itself and cause damage.

While it may take a little longer for the problems to appear, the bad thing is that it can go well beyond the manufacturer’s warranty.

Then where should you put it?

Dedicated TV cabinets or tables are one thing. This furniture doesn’t cost a lot and can hold your Smart TV or OLED TV at a much more ergonomic angle than high above the fireplace.

Even better, if you misplaced the remote for any reason, you can easily reach all of the controls.

TV cabinet

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Not to mention, your likely expensive TV (especially if it’s OLED) will be a lot safer, away from all of the soot and heat that could damage it over time.

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