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TRUMBULL, Conn., August 3, 2021 / PRNewswire / – As a team USA participates in the Summer Olympics in Tokyo, these elite athletes need access to fast, effective healing and recovery therapies. Members of the US Women’s Field Hockey Team – in particular Stefanie Fee and Mary Beth Barham – the FDA-approved sustainable acoustic medicine from ZetrOZ Systems (sam®) Device during their rigorous training to compete at the highest level during games.

Sam® is a non-invasive prescription medical device that is placed over the target injury and provides localized ultrasound treatment. In more than 40 peer-reviewed studies, sam® It has been shown to accelerate and improve the healing process and effectively treat pain associated with sports injuries as well as conditions such as arthritis, herniated discs and tendinitis.

“At the top of our sport, every minute of training counts and every day brings us one step closer to our dream,” said Fee. “Thanks to sam®, we’ve been able to recover faster, train harder and count every minute to be the best team and the best athletes we can be. “

The Olympic medical staff who look after the athletes are also familiar with sustainable acoustic medicine. Both Fee and Barham have Sam. used® Used to treat and heal a wide variety of injuries including hamstring strains, hip flexor strains, and intense neck pain. “I used sam® due to multiple injuries and each time it has had a significant impact on my return to the game, “said Barham.

More than 75 percent of professional athletes injured in The United States rely on sam® to speed their healing process and reduce their time out of the field, and 90 percent of professional sports medicine professionals prescribe it.

“There is always a risk of injury during physical activity – especially for athletes,” says Dr. George Lewis, Founder of ZetrOZ Systems and inventor of sam®. “Sustainable acoustic medicine is not just a recovery tool. It is also a healing tool, as it enables the body to recover more effectively after intense training sessions.”

In addition to the US Women’s Field Hockey Team, the US Women’s Softball Team and professional sports organizations such as the NBA, NHL, and MLB also use sam®. Sports trainers have commented on this sam® is a reliable tool for building trust and relationships between coaches and players as it has built more confidence in their treatment plans due to the shorter recovery time from injury.

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ZetrOZ Systems is an FDA cGMP and ISO 13585 medical technology company based in the southern coastal region of Connecticut. The organization also has manufacturing facilities throughout The United States… ZetrOZ Systems produces UltrOZ®, Sam®Sport and Sam®Pro 2.0 offers safe and effective treatment options for common conditions such as arthritis. Learn more at and

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American women’s field hockey team uses sustainable acoustic medicine to prepare for the Olympics

The portable device for sustained acoustic medicine (sam) from ZetrOZ Systems helps heal injuries and supports recovery when top athletes train and take part in competitions.

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