The use of spinal traction is widely employed treatment for low back pain and neck pain. It makes use of combination of force and counterforce that pull in opposing directions to alleviate pain related to the spine.

Although the precise mechanism remains unknown however, it is believed that spinal traction eases discomfort by increasing the distance between vertebrae and reducing pain-related impulses. It may also help enhance mobility of the spine by relaxing the muscles surrounding the spine, and reducing mechanical strain. It’s believed to lessen muscles spasms as well as spinal nerve root compression and could also help release adhesions that surround the small joints of the spine.

A number of studies suggest that traction has the potential to significantly reduce back and neck pain combined with other treatments. The use of traction is by professionals during guided treatment as well as by patients in treatment at home. The types of traction devices are mechanical traction, manual traction, as well as gravity-dependent traction.

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