What is healing massage?  Complete guide to supplemental insurance

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Think about a massage and imagine a gentle rubbing in a spa or even on a beach in Bali, but did you know that a healing massage can actually relieve pain, headaches and some injuries?

According to the Australian Pain Management Association (APMA), 1 in 5 readers of this article is likely to have neck pain by now.

In fact, it is also said to be close to a 50 percent chance of having neck pain at some point in your life, and that it most often manifests itself as a headache or pain in your arm, shoulder, or middle back.

The solution? According to APMA, hands-on therapy – or soft tissue massage – can “mobilize” or manipulate joints and muscles to relieve pain and improve movement.

And with a few extras, you can take advantage of a discount on therapeutic massages from private health insurances, which makes the costs manageable.

What is the difference between therapeutic massage and other types of massage?

The intent of healing massage is to “heal” the body with an emphasis on treating pain, structural dysfunction, and rehabilitation of injuries.

“A therapeutic massage begins with a full-body examination, then we design a treatment plan based on the results,” explains Francesco Nisi, lecturer in therapeutic massage at the Endeavor College of Natural Health.

“Often we work with a specific area, with a much wider range of techniques in contrast to the relaxation massage, in which the entire body is the focus with lighter pressure.”


What are some of the health benefits of a healing massage?

Anyone who suffers from muscle tension or acute or chronic pain such as lower back, neck or headache benefits from a therapeutic massage.

“When a muscle is restricted and a person has lost full range of motion in that joint, it presents as pain. In this case, the likelihood of that person suffering an injury increases exponentially while doing exercises or even doing daily tasks. The therapeutic massage restores the specified joint’s freedom of movement, ”says Mr Nisi.

According to Mr. Nisi, therapeutic massage is the best treatment for tension headaches.

“Over 70 percent of headaches are actually muscle tension headaches caused by overuse of the neck muscles. This is particularly common with desk workers. Taking a pain reliever for pain relief treats the symptoms, but not the cause. “


Does therapeutic massage hurt?

According to Mr. Nisi, although healing massage cannot be considered as relaxing as relaxing massage, it can still be calming, especially since it can relieve musculoskeletal pain.

“If a muscle has built up enough tension that you consider massage, there is a good chance it will become tender,” explains Mr. Nisi.

“It’s definitely more painful than a relaxation massage, but it’s worth it. An hour of slight discomfort can ease the pain people endure for hours every day. “


How often should I do a healing massage?

The good news is that unlike other natural therapies, there are no need for repeat appointments for a healing massage.

“The goal of the healing massage is not temporary relief. The aim of your treatment plan is to finally resolve the problem, ”says Mr. Nisi.

“In ancient Chinese culture, doctors were paid when their community was healthy. The same principle applies to therapeutic massage. Our goal is NOT to see you again because of the same problem. “

What do I have to pay attention to so that I know that I am getting a good therapeutic masseur?

You can only recognize a good therapeutic masseur, says Mr Nisi, by his assessment.

“You should listen to your complaint and make a thorough assessment. Your body will tell you where to work. If they get this part right, the rest is easy, ”he explains.

“Communication is also important. If the massage hurts and you can’t help but tense your muscles, it will take longer to get the result you want. Your doctor should make sure that you are comfortable enough to let him know if he needs to apply a little more or less pressure. “

FAQs: Extras for private health insurance

How long do I have to wait before I can apply for a therapeutic massage from the health insurance company?

If you’ve recently upgraded or taken out new supplemental insurance, you may have to wait before you can apply for treatment. Normally, natural therapies have a two-month waiting period, but this may vary depending on the insurance policy.

Are there annual entitlement limits for therapeutic massages?

Yes, there are usually annual entitlement limits for extras health insurance, which vary depending on the insurance policy.

Is Medicare Cover for Therapeutic Massage?

Medicare does not provide coverage for therapeutic massage. In the case of private coverage, the therapeutic massage is a common inclusion in the natural or alternative therapy coverage. Therapeutic massage is also a compensation for employees.

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