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As we age it’s extremely rare for people over 50 to not suffer from neck or back discomfort. About 50 percent of Americans and 90 percent of those who are at least 50 years old suffer from some form of degenerative disc condition.

No matter if you’re a professional golfer, hiker, weekend warrior or working in a chair in a poor position, Desert Institute for Spine Care is the leader in the country for minimally-invasive spine treatment, would like you to seek an assessment to determine what we can do to helpsince people suffering from discomfort shouldn’t be forced to endure.

Many people from all over the world and professional athletes go to DISC to relieve their pain. DisC’s specialists listen attentively to patients in order to determine the source of the source of their pain and how it impacts everyday life in order to help the patient return to their normal lifestyle.

It doesn’t matter if you need to do exercises to ease discomfort or a minimally-invasive procedure, the top of the most experienced will look after your needs. DISC surgical specialists have also been selected by their peers to be Phoenix Magazine Top Doctor Award winners each year.

The DISC distinction is that they offer long-term solutions that other companies can’t.

DISC is the place where you can find contemporary endoscopic spine surgery, with unparalleled knowledge of this particular procedure. DISC surgeons are specialists in other, minimally-invasive microscopically performed procedures for neck and back pain, such as synthetic discs replacements minimally-invasive motion-sparing surgeries, and injections for treating spine problems while limiting the disturbance of your normal tissue.

DISC collaborates with The Arizona Diamondbacks, Arizona Cardinals, Arizona State University, Chicago Cubs, Los Angeles Dodgers, Oakland As, Cincinnati Reds and many more professional teams.

Twenty-three percent of people worldwide suffer from an ongoing lower back pain. If you are suffering from persistent back pain or discomfort that lasts for at least 12 weeks It is recommended to speak with a doctor.

If you’re suffering with neck discomfort, DISC is currently doing several clinical research studies regarding cervical disc diseases since less than 5% of the population younger than 50 have cervical disc diseases.

However, as the leader of the future of back and neck surgeries, DISC can help with any and all back and neck issues.

Before visiting DISC visit the most effective exercises to assist you with improving your back and spine treatment. If you’re still suffering from back or neck pains and require an expert opinion, contact them online or give them a phone call. DISC can help you back to enjoying life.

It’s October, which is Spine Health Awareness Month, therefore, make sure that you are at the best you can when getting back to the course, trails to hike when the weather is cooling down or just spending the company of your loved ones and friends.

Four DISC locations scattered all over in the Valley located in the central region of Phoenix, Scottsdale, Gilbert and Glendale. For more details, visit Sciatica.com or text SPINE to 620620 or phone 602-944-2900.