What to do for Neck and Back Pain Local Profile

When you finally get home from a tiring day at work All you want to do is unwind. But you can’t get comfortable. Even when you’d like that your back as well as neck muscles relax and relax, they remain to ache and radiate discomfort.

These kinds of situations are frequent. Based on the National Institutes of Health (NIH) 60%-80% of the adults living in America United States will experience back discomfort and 20-70% suffer from neck pain that hinders in their daily activities over their entire lives. Neck and back pain is as one of the top five disabling diseases within the United States.

Although it’s a frequent problem, it shouldn’t be dismissed lightly. The NCHS study suggests that the location of pain , such as that of the neck and back may have both immediate and long-term consequences which can affect the muscles and reduce the quality of life mentally and physically for people who are suffering from such discomfort. It can be difficult to discern the difference between a serious problem and an issue that is minor can be difficult. This is why the committed specialists of Baylor Scott & White Health Back and Neck Center are available to assist.

Identifying and preventing Symptoms

“Patients typically seek treatment in the neck area or back pain that is not accompanied by neck or back pain, with radiation towards the extremities” stated Jarren Section MD an orthopedic doctor on the medical staff of Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Centennial. The symptoms mentioned above, back and neck pain in one area or radiating pain can be experienced in a variety of ways as per Dr. Section. “These symptoms may be insidious, slow beginning or an abrupt or rapid start and could or might not be related to trauma,” said Dr. Section.

While it is not uncommon, neck and back pain is preventable. Radhika Ravula, MD, an orthopedic doctor who is on the medical staff at Baylor Scott & White Medical Center in Plano believes that posture is a factor in stopping or causing back and neck discomfort.

“Pay pay attention on your posture, and work out frequently,” said Dr. Ravula. “Good posture is about an appropriate alignment of the joints and bones so as to put the least amount of strain on ligaments and muscles.” Should the pain doesn’t ease or gets worse, even after minor lifestyle changes , such as exercising and posture, then you should seek medical attention, according to Dr. Ravula.

Looking for Medical Attention

Even though back as well as neck pain can be avoided, it’s not always preventable. Dr. Section suggests seeking medical attention in certain circumstances.

“Consider taking medical advice for neck and back discomfort if it is more pronounced in the night, is connected with recent injury or loss of weight, spreads into the extremities and/or isn’t improving with nonoperative treatment like stretching or physical therapy,” added Dr. Section. The doctor. Ravula also suggests seeking another opinion in the event that back and neck pain gets worse.

Looking for Treatment

It is reported that the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) published those suffering from back (or neck) discomfort are more likely anxiety and depression and also have a lower quality of life, as compared to people who don’t suffer from back and neck discomfort. If you’re looking for a high-quality treatment that is accessible take a look at Baylor Scott & White Health Back and Neck Center.

“One one of the things that is unique in this particular program is the fact that there’s a nurse navigator that monitors the patient’s journey and is available to guide patients through the procedure,” said Elizabeth Clark, DNP, Nurse Practitioner for the program. “With this clinic, we are hoping to provide a seamless experience for patients throughout their healthcare journey,” said Dr. Clark.

“The center also holds an inter-disciplinary conference where patient cases are discussed and discussed with a group comprising experts from their fields, to come up with an appropriate treatment plan as well as result for the patient,” added the Dr. Clark.

Based on Brent Morgan, MD, neuroologist who is on staff as well as the medical director of neurology at Baylor Scott & White Medical Center- McKinney The conference will also include physical therapy specialists as well as pain management specialists and other specialists. According Dr. Morgan, this multidisciplinary method makes Baylor Scott & White Medical Center stand out from other providers due to its accessibility to patients.

In Baylor Scott & White Health Neck and Back Center, you’ll not only receive treatment from a highly qualified team of experts from different disciplines but also be guided throughout the process of recovery.

“We are planning to provide accessible to patients and ensure that referrals to each area effortless,” said Dr. Morgan. “Because it is a distinct program , and we will be using standard medical records, we’ll be able to use electronic technology to send referrals to various clinics. We will also be able to provide patient navigators to assist patients in obtaining appointments to the various offices.”

Selecting Baylor Scott & White Health Neck and Back Center to meet your medical needs will not cause any strain on your neck.

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