Of all the skeletal and muscular discomforts that Americans suffer from, nearly 50% of them are due to neck discomforts. More than $86 billion is each year spent on treating the neck-related pain of sufferers. This figure is staggering but it’s not too surprising. With the development of new technology, such as smartphones tablets, laptops, and smartphones individuals are stressing their necks from watching their devices at an the wrong angle, which puts a huge strain on necks often even 50 pounds!

In addition to the use of technology Neck pains may be caused by holding your body for long periods in uncomfortable positions such as sitting, asleep or standing. They may also be caused by uncomfortable reaching, pushing, or pulling with your arms.

There are many symptoms like stiffness, pain that moves the head, radiating pains across the neck and shoulder, or pain radiating through the arm could result as a result of overuse or trauma like an accident or a fall.

How to treat yourself: It can be achieved by taking anti-inflammatory medications or supplements, improved posture (sitting in a chair, standing or lying down) or the more common exercise, gentle stretching and exercises. If symptoms become more severe it is possible consult with your doctor. Treatment plans typically include prescribed drugs like muscle relaxers or steroids to treat inflammation more effectively. Utilizing tools like x-rays or MRIs could also help identify the cause. Referral to a specialist could be required to treat the inflammation in the area by using an injection into the spinal region.

What other options are there? A possible alternative is Physical Therapy treatments. Therapists can address skeletal and muscular imbalances and postural issues and also incorporate neuro-muscular rehabilitation. PTs are able to assist in the changes in the mechanical stress on the neck and upper back areas through skilled manual muscle as well joint exercises (Results Treatment Method (RTM) myofascial release and joint mobilizations) and help restore a solid base of balanced muscles pulling systems (RTM therapy exercises). Additionally we can teach and guide patients suffering from neck and upper back pain to alter their posture and motion habits to avoid injury to occur in the future. Our PTs utilize methods that relax and relieve pain like the traction method, cold lasers electro-stimulation, ice and treatment with heat.

More details can be found on a forthcoming free online workshop offered through Results Physical Therapy and hosted by me. The workshop is free to all. It will give you greater understanding of how pain develops, what causes it, and the ways that misuse of specific physical structures can lead to neck pain, motion limitations that you might experience and what techniques are available to relieve pain and ease it! The workshop is scheduled for April 5th between 5:45 p.m. until 6:30 p.m.

For more information, please contact Results Physical Therapy at 619-437-6450 or sign up at www.resultsrehab.com/workshops/.

VOL. 112, NO. 13 March 30th 2022